A smart home is more than a collection of technologies. The convenience and luxury of controlling every aspect of the house can inspire a particular “wow” factor. While it can feel a bit akin to living like the Jetsons, home automation can enhance your lifestyle and manage energy usage.

Whether you revel in the home theater experience, lighting that can improve your well-being, or ensuring that your family and property are protected, a smart home has a lot to offer.

To see how smart home automation can benefit your Lafayette, LA  lifestyle and bottom line, read more below.

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Manage Light and Heat

Light is one of the most potent elements of a home, setting the mood, crafting a room’s look, and furnishing a rhythm to your day. Architects and designers include natural light as often as possible; the luminaries can work to match the outdoor light bridging balance to your circadian cycles. You can bring vigor and focus by starting with soft hues that move into crisp and bright light for the day and end with warm colors through the night.

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3 Ways to Customize Your Home Theater Installation


Transform your theater room into a comfortable and relaxing place to spend time with family and friends

A home theater room in Lafayette, LA, is a fantastic space to have family movie nights, host viewing parties or enjoy a romantic stay-at-home date night with your spouse. However you enjoy using your theater, you probably want to provide yourself and guests with a relaxing, comfortable and memorable experience.

If you’re looking for solutions to customize your home theater installation and gain more use from your dedicated entertainment space, we have suggestions for three upgrades to make. Keep reading to learn more!


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Designing a New Build With Smart Lighting? Contact an Integrator.


Electronics Professionals works with architects and builders to incorporate smart and sophisticated Lutron lighting into new homes

More often than not, today’s tech-savvy homeowners want smart technology systems built into their new homes, retrofits or renovations. Smart lighting is a popular choice because we use our lights daily, and intelligent, dimmable lighting fixtures are simple to operate and adjust to comfortable levels.

If you’re a home builder, architect or interior designer in Lafayette, LA, being able to offer a smart lighting installation alongside your other services can be a significant boon for your business. At Electronics Professionals, we would love to partner with you to install Lutron lighting systems in new builds or renovations. Keep reading to learn what you’ll gain from a partnership.


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Let A Professional Install Your New Motorized Shades Solution


Installing and programming automated shades can be trickier than you think — let a professional give you a helping hand

So you’re finally ready to replace all the manual window shades in your Lafayette, LA, home with smart, motorized shades. Automated window treatments are easy to use and control — with a single button press on your smartphone or keypad, you can operate shades room-by-room or throughout your whole house. Or you can automate your shades to rise and lower in tune with the rising and setting sun for touchless convenience.

But before you can enjoy all the comforts and conveniences of automated window treatments, you need to install them in your home, a project that can quickly become overwhelming and dangerous if you have hard-to-reach windows that require a ladder to access. Keep reading to learn three reasons why you should leave the installation to a professional.


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4 Advanced Features Modern Commercial Surveillance Cameras Have


Learn how new, state-of-the-art surveillance technology protects your business and property 24/7

In the past, commercial surveillance cameras have been passive devices. While they were able to record events in and around your Lafayette, LA, property, they required a dedicated human being to watch the footage and glean useful insight or evidence. Today’s advanced cameras have smart technology features that enable them to be more active: they can detect and identify people and objects, analyze events, and send instant alerts, allowing you to take swift action when a security breach occurs.

Keep reading to learn four state-of-the-art surveillance features that provide more robust coverage to your security system.    


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