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How to Protect Your Smart Alarm System From Hackers


Your Wi-Fi-enabled smart alarm may be vulnerable to hackers if you don’t take the proper safety precautions

Like many homeowners in Lafayette, LA, you probably bought a smart alarm because it offers more proactive protection than traditional alarms, and you have access to your security system even when you’re away from home. However, you may be overlooking one aspect of your home security: protecting your smart alarm device from hackers. Any Wi-Fi-enabled smart device is vulnerable to being hacked by people trying to access your private information.

It’s incredibly scary to imagine your smart alarm being hacked — if someone gains access to your alarm, they could disable it and decide to burglarize your home. Without an active alarm, you may have difficulty preventing a break-in or identifying the thief.

Before your smart alarm system can do its job protecting your home, you need to take a few steps to ensure the alarm itself is safe and protected from hackers. Keep reading to learn a few of our expert tips.


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Hire A Professional to Install Your New Smart Alarm System


Gain peace of mind knowing that a professional integrator expertly installed your smart alarm system

You’re finally ready to upgrade your home security to a smart alarm system. Now the biggest question is, should you install the new system yourself or hire a professional? You’re leaning toward a DIY project, because how hard can it be to hook up an alarm system and throw up a few cameras?

As it turns out, there are several considerations that you haven’t anticipated, especially when it comes to equipment, placement and monitoring. That’s why we recommend you trust the job to a professional integration company like Electronics Professionals in Lafayette, LA. Below are 5 benefits you can expect to gain from a professional security installation.


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3 Primary Benefits of an Integrated Smart Alarm System


Access and control all your home security devices in one convenient location

Your smart alarm system already provides immense value to your Lafayette, LA, home by alerting you to suspicious or abnormal events inside your house while you’re away. But you can promote more proactive home security by integrating your alarm system with the rest of your smart home  surveillance, door locks, lighting, audio, climate, and more. 

An integrated security system allows you faster and more convenient control over all the devices safeguarding your home. Keep reading to learn three primary benefits of an integrated home alarm system. 

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1. Faster Response Times

With an integrated system, you can access, monitor, and manage all your smart alarms, sensors, door locks, surveillance cameras, and other smart devices in one place. When an abnormal event occurs  like an outdoor camera detecting motion in the backyard or a door sensor detecting an open door  you’ll immediately receive a notification to your smartphone. 

From there, you can quickly respond to the threat by pulling up your entire home security system on a smartphone app or touchscreen tablet. Within seconds, you’ll be viewing information about where an abnormal event was detected and watching live-stream video footage. No more wasting precious time scrambling for multiple apps or logins to check on all your security devices  integrated security allows you to review an event and call the authorities much faster than you would be able to otherwise. 

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3 Need-to-Have Additions to Your Smart Alarm System


You may be wondering if a smart alarm system is right for you or you may already have a system installed in your Lafayette, LA-area home. Regardless of which decision-making step of the process you are currently on, there are some additional features you should consider for any smart alarm system, new or existing.

In addition to standard security cameras and motion sensors, options are available that will protect not only your family but will ensure your peace of mind. These features can also save you from extensive home damage and repair costs.

Keep reading to learn about three potential additions to your smart alarm system.

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