How Architectural Lighting Design Enhances Your Property


The right lighting design can transform your living space. Through our vast experience in installing and supporting lighting systems, we’ve found that we must consider many factors to achieve precise design goals for each client. For example, just installing lights in your home isn’t enough: Our strategic fixture selection and placement also go a long way in optimizing your style and producing the desired effect. We’ll talk about all these ideas and more today. 


You can elevate your architectural lighting design at your Lafayette, LA, home with top-quality lighting fixtures that not only blend in seamlessly with your interior design – but also enhances it tenfold.


Want to learn more about giving your lighting design a boost? Keep reading on below to see which lighting fixtures can accommodate your home’s different areas. 



Recessed Lights: Subtlety


Are you interested in keeping your lighting displays low-key and nearly invisible? Recessed lighting features are both subtle and modern, but they still deliver the same brightness and coverage for any room or space.


Non-obtrusive and adaptable to most ceilings and walls, recessed lights go unnoticed while illuminating an entire area. These are the perfect pick if you want a fixture that provides incredible lighting without making a huge show of it.


Track Lights: Adjustable


Track lights show off a display that catches the eye, while still merging in effortlessly with the rest of the room’s design. The individual bulbs on the fixture are moveable and adjustable, letting you choose which way the lights point – giving any corner of the room just the right amount of lighting and giving your fixture a different appearance every time you change its angles.


These lights are great for the kitchen or if you want to highlight artwork or valuables on a shelf – they give enough spotlight to the items in question without overwhelming them or drowning them in light.


Under-Cabinet Lights: Convenient


Light strips under your cabinets and shelves can be life-savers. Now when you’re in the kitchen or bathroom in the dimmed lighting, you can have the necessary illumination on the counters where your products and items are: You can grab your kitchen utensils or find your toothpaste with zero hassle, now that you aren’t scrambling for them in the dark.


Not only do these under-cabinet lights add convenience, but they also add a nice, stylish touch to these spaces. The understated lighting is just enough to shape the room’s atmosphere and add a warmth that pleases the eye.


Hanging Chandeliers: Elegance


Nothing adds luxury to your lighting control system like chandeliers and other hanging lighting fixtures. There is something so elegant about a lighting display that hangs at the center of a room, in the foyer, or over a dining table.


When you press a button to turn it on, it’s an impressive display that transforms the whole space that it’s in. Other hanging lights, such as pendants, have a unique look, and each one can bring a different vibe to the room.


Energy Efficiency with LED Fixtures


Did you know each fixture mentioned above can be installed with LED lighting? LED displays use significantly less energy than fixtures with standard bulbs. You can lower your monthly bills and increase your home’s energy efficiency.


Plus, LED lighting fixtures last longer and provide an illumination for your living spaces that’s both stunning and intuitive through their easy integration with dimmers, tunable lighting controls and more. Combine aesthetics with eco-friendly features with your smart lighting control installation!


Want to find out more about architectural lighting design, and how these lighting fixtures can structure and enhance your entire property? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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