3 Ways to Customize Your Home Theater Installation


Transform your theater room into a comfortable and relaxing place to spend time with family and friends

A home theater room in Lafayette, LA, is a fantastic space to have family movie nights, host viewing parties or enjoy a romantic stay-at-home date night with your spouse. However you enjoy using your theater, you probably want to provide yourself and guests with a relaxing, comfortable and memorable experience.

If you’re looking for solutions to customize your home theater installation and gain more use from your dedicated entertainment space, we have suggestions for three upgrades to make. Keep reading to learn more!


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3 Ways Your Home Theater Beats Out a Traditional Movie Theater


Why leave the house to experience the magic of a cinematic masterpiece?

As we near the end of 2020, commercial movie theaters are amid a crisis. As people have sheltered at home during the coronavirus pandemic, home entertainment has flourished while commercial theaters have floundered. And there are very few clues into when or how the theater industry will revive.

Luckily, this doesn’t have to be a loss for you. Now is a great time to take your home entertainment to the next level with a home theater system in Lafayette, LA. Keep reading to learn three reasons why you won’t regret a home cinema installation!  


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3 Reasons to Consider Investing in a Home Theater Installation


With a dedicated home theater, watch all your favorite media anytime you want from the comfort of home

The best part of going to the cinema is sinking back into plush theater seats, watching a movie come to life on the big screen and hearing every crystal-clear monologue. But did you know you can achieve all of that in your Lafayette, LA, home with a custom home theater installation? A home theater is individually designed to deliver optimal audio and video, luxurious comfort and seamless convenience. Keep reading to learn why you should consider upgrading your home entertainment system to a dedicated theater room. 


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Why Automation Is a Crucial Part of Your Home Theater System


Effortlessly control your movie-watching experience with a home automation system

Home theaters are designed with comfort and convenience in mind. There are many moving parts in a home theater system, and if it takes too much effort for you to make all the components work together, we guaranteeyou won’t use your theater as often as you’d like. 

That’s where home automation comes in. An automation system like Control4 ensures easy access to and control over every aspect of your theater room in Lafayette, LA. Keep reading to learn three ways automation improves the cinema experience!

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Take Control of the Experience

When you integrate your home theater with an automation system like Control4, you’ll have complete control over everything in your environment from a single smart device. Using the handheld Neeo remote, the Control4 app on your smartphone, or a dedicated touchscreen, you can access and operate the AV equipment, content platforms, shading solutions, lighting, and temperature in your home cinema. 

Centralized control is the most convenient and stress-free way to enjoy your home theater. No more separate remotes  one for the projector screen, one for the sound system, one for controlling the volume. No more leaving the room and finding the thermostat when you want to adjust the temperature. No more standing up to turn the lights on and off.

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Adding Hidden Technology to a New Hybrid Media Room: What to Know


When it comes to high-performance home theater experiences, we often hear one common misconception: You need a dedicated home cinema to watch your favorite films.

This simply isn’t true. At Electronics Professionals, we believe you can enjoy a high-end theater experience in any area of your Lafayette-area home – even if you don’t have a private room for a cinema. All it takes is a professional installation from our team.

But what about when you aren’t using that technology? What if your media room setup is in your home’s great room or living room? Do you really want to be staring at a lifeless screen or protruding speakers throughout the whole day?

The solution is through hidden technology. In this blog, we explore how our team can help craft versatile home theater systems that not only deliver a best-in-class experience every time you watch a movie but also blend into your living spaces during your day-to-day routine.

Keep reading below to find out more!


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