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3 Ways You’ll Benefit From Using Remote Access With a Smart Home


When you can control your home technology from anywhere in the world, you will reap benefits like better security, energy savings and time management

There are so many benefits of having a connected smart home in Lafayette, LA, from the convenience of instructing lights to turn on via voice control, to the enjoyment of playing music in any room of the house whenever you please, to the security of knowing you’ll get an alert on your phone the second an intruder triggers your smart alarm.

One of the overlooked benefits of smart technology is remote access — the ability to use and manage your smart home devices from anywhere in the world using only your smartphone, a portable touchscreen tablet, or even an Apple Watch. Keep reading to learn three of the top benefits you’ll receive from using remote access with your smart home!


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Your Lafayette, LA home is the place where you find comfort and sanctuary from the tumults of the world. Smart-home automation furnishes you with the ability to create an ambiance by controlling your lights, temperature, and entertainment.  Whether you are unwinding in the den under the warm hues of the lights or escaping into another world in your home theater, you want assurance that your family and property are safe.

Security is more than just a means to detect possible intrusions; it is a complete overview of your home. With a quick scan of the touch screen, you head off to bed confident that doors are locked, the alarm is set, and all of the house systems are working. These concerns do not end when you are away. A remote access system gives you the same certainty from anywhere in the world.

Curious how a remote access system can benefit your home? Read on to learn more.

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Manage Access

Whether you are looking to keep track of your primary residence or a vacation home, a remote access system allows you to keep an eye on your property anytime, anywhere. A click of an app on your phone or your internet-connected mobile device provides alerts and status checks.

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3 Common Situations When You’ll Be Glad for Remote Access


Remote access is a handy tool for keeping your home secure while also allowing for easy entry when you need it

You know that keeping potentially dangerous intruders out of your home with a strong home security system is absolutely vital. But it’s also true that there are times when you’ll want to allow someone into your home when you’re unavailable or it’s inconvenient to go to the door. You could opt for the “hide the key under the rug” method, but that leaves you vulnerable to anyone who thinks to look there.

A better, smarter solution is remote access as part of a broader smart security system. That’s why we wanted to show you three typical moments when Louisiana residents will find themselves grateful for a remote access system in their Lafayette home.

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