How LED Lighting Fixtures Add New Dimensions to Your Home


Discover How Improved Illumination Adds Brilliance and Vitality to Your Living Spaces

Light has transformative power in your Lafayette, LA home; it creates ambiance and moves you in surprising ways. The right illumination brings balance to your life, providing a focus for work, creative inspiration, and creating a healthier environment

Integrating LED lighting fixtures into your smart home system influences more than your ability to see clearly. At Electronic Professionals, we take a more holistic approach, using the interplay between natural sunlight and electric illumination to change your perspective and add vigor to your day.

Are you looking for a way to add new dimensions to your living spaces? Then continue reading below to find out more. 

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The look of your home is an important component of luxury living; the fine artwork and decor allow you to express a sense of self and fosters a welcoming atmosphere. All the beauty of the architectural lines and artistic flourishes is minimized if you are not comfortable.

Whether it is the challenging summer heat or the crisp cold of winter, creating an environment in your home that allows you to focus on living is crucial. Major League Baseball is entering the playoffs, and the NFL preseason is in full swing, which means that colder weather is nearly upon us in Lafayette, LA. Are you ready for the change in seasons with a home energy management system you can rely on? Continue reading to learn more. 

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6 Reasons Why Switching To Smart Shades Makes Perfect Sense


Need a Good Reason to Get Motorized Window Treatments? We’ve Got Some Excellent Ones for You! 

It’s not always easy to change your home décor. You may like things the way they are. Or you could be so accustomed to your home’s furnishing and interior design that you never give it a second thought. Perhaps, you know your rooms need a makeover, but you don’t know where to start. The answer may be right in front of you. The windows! Even a simple update to your windows provides the dramatic makeover you need.

Motorized window treatments do much more than add style to your living spaces – even though you’ll notice an impressive upgrade. They also help you take another step into seamless home automation. Want to know more about the benefits of installing smart shades in your Lafayette, LA, home? Keep reading for six reasons to upgrade to motorized shades and blinds.


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How a Smart Climate Control System Enhances Your Comfort and Wellbeing


Automated Environmental Controls Keep Uniform Temperature While Reducing Humidity and Saving Energy

One of the benefits of living in a smart home is having the luxury of comfort and convenience. Temperature and humidity are two of the most significant factors in feeling comfortable in your home. A well-regulated home environment can also make a considerable influence on mood and wellbeing.

A climate control system connected to automation saves energy, helps you sleep better, and brings balance to your circadian cycles. Through sensors and programming, your home can manage itself, automatically adjusting as the day progresses to provide you with consistent comfort.

Are you ready to see how a smart climate control ecosystem can enhance your Lafayette, LA home? Read below to find out more.

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Goldilocks Zone

Your house does not heat or cool uniformly. Different materials retain heat differently, and sunlight does not affect all homes in the same way.  Parts of the house with a southern exposure receive more sunlight for a longer time, especially in the winter months. Using only a single sensor or reading to manage temperature and humidity results in uneven application of the HVAC system. In this scenario, individual rooms may be too hot or too cold, never just right.

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How to Use Automation in Your Conference Room


A flawlessly run meeting with your clients is crucial for your business’ success and growth, and an impeccable presentation makes all the difference.  So what happens when something goes wrong?  Technology can often feel like it is not your friend.  Cut back the unnecessary worry over whether your presentation will fall flat, and spend that time working to wow your client.  With commercial automation in your conference rooms, your Lafayette, LA business will have thriving and efficient presentations that astound and sell. Read below for how your meetings can make lasting impressions.

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