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Experience the Difference: Coastal Source Outdoor Audio



You will hear the difference when listening to one of our rugged, dependable speaker systems as they deliver real HiFi sound for all kinds of music lovers. Whether playing at background volume, full “life-of-party” listening levels — or anywhere in-between — our speakers and audio systems serve up sound that’s always clear, full, and balanced.


Why Coastal Source?

Let's face it: not all outdoor speakers are created equal. With Coastal Source, you're getting more than just speakers – you're getting a premium audio experience designed to withstand the elements. Whether you're hosting a backyard BBQ, lounging by the pool, or enjoying a cozy evening on the patio, Coastal Source outdoor speakers deliver unparalleled sound quality that will elevate any outdoor gathering.

Built to Last

When it comes to outdoor speakers, durability is key. Coastal Source outdoor speakers are built tough to withstand the harshest weather conditions, from scorching summer heat to pounding rainstorms. With rugged construction and weather-resistant materials, you can count on Coastal Source speakers to keep the music playing, rain or shine.

Exceptional Sound Quality

Don't settle for mediocre sound just because you're outside. Coastal Source outdoor speakers are engineered for exceptional audio performance, delivering rich, full-bodied sound that fills your outdoor space with music. Whether you're cranking up the volume for a dance party or enjoying some laid-back tunes, you'll appreciate the clarity and depth of sound that Coastal Source speakers provide.

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Weathering the Storm: Progressive Screen


Let Electronics Professionals Help!

As hurricane season rolls in, the importance of fortifying homes against nature's fury becomes paramount. In the battle against powerful winds and flying debris, innovative solutions like Progressive Screens emerge as frontline defenders. With each passing year, the threat of hurricanes looms larger, causing widespread devastation and displacing communities. The unpredictability of these natural disasters underscores the necessity for proactive measures to safeguard homes and loved ones.

With Electronics Professionals we can delve into how Progressive Screens revolutionizes hurricane season preparedness.


A Shield Against the Elements:

Enter Progressive Screens, a pioneer in storm protection technology. Their cutting-edge Defender MagnaTrack™ Storm System stands as a beacon of resilience amidst turbulent weather conditions. Crafted with durable materials and engineered for maximum impact absorption, these screens offer unparalleled defense against even the fiercest storms.

Progressive Screens patented hurricane defender line is rated to withstand the strongest hurricanes on earth: Category 5 storms. These storms pack sustained winds of over 156 mph. 

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Landscape lighting with Ketra X Coastal Source



Bring the world’s most advanced light source and controls to your outdoor environment with Coastal Source’s new Ketra Ready Modulus Bullet Light. As the first Ketra-approved outdoor lighting solution, the Modulus Bullet Light is compatible with the Ketra S30 lamp, making it easy to tune your light to create nighttime scenes that engage and inspire. Deliver beautiful light to any outdoor environment with Coastal Source + Ketra Ready! Say goodbye to dull lighting and hello to brilliance!


Landscape lighting enhances safety by:

  • Illuminating pathways, steps, and potential hazards.
  • It adds security by deterring intruders and increasing visibility around the property.
  • It accentuates the beauty and sophistication to your outdoor environment.
  • Extends the functionality of outdoor areas into the evening,
  • Creates a welcoming ambianc e for gatherings and relaxation.  

Ketra has created the world’s most advanced light source to emulate the awe-inspiring possibilities of natural light shifting with the sun’s rise and fall throughout the day. Coastal Source’s Ketra-Ready fixture is compatible with these innovative lamps, making it easy for you to deliver beautiful light to any outdoor environment. 


The Coastal Source Ketra Gateway Outdoor Enclosure is designed specifically to house the Lutron Clear Connect Gateway – Type X. Utilizing a single weatherized ethernet Connector, this enclosure allows the POE powered Clear Connect Gateway to live outdoors in order to communicate properly with our Ketra Ready Modulus Bullet Light.


According to Franco D’Ascanio, co-founder and CEO of Coastal Source:

“This commercial-grade, solid brass fixture is specifically designed to use the Ketra full-spectrum E26 or E25 S30 LED lamp to bring the highest quality light to any outdoor space. Like all Coastal Source products, it is designed to ‘Defy the Elements’ and last a lifetime in the harshest outdoor environment, Ketra lamps emulate the awe-inspiring possibilities of natural light shifting with the sun’s rise and fall. Our new Ketra Ready Modulus Bullet Light fixture brings the world’s most advanced light source and controls to outdoor environments.”

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A Coastal Source speaker poolside in a luxury home.


In just a few months, summer will be in full swing, and your backyard or patio space will probably be full of friends and family. The warmer months are a great time to use your outdoor space and spend some time in the fresh air, soaking in the sun. Many homeowners invite their friends over for parties, cookouts, and more in the backyard.

You can raise the bar this year by installing an outdoor sound system. Every minute spent outdoors, whether to develop the landscape or throw a pool party, will be enhanced with premium distributed audio. Check out how outdoor audio can improve your Lafayette, LA, home this summer and every season after this. 

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Can Your Business Do This?

restaurant seating area with two TV displays and a man standing behind the bar area

Explore Commercial Audio/Video Solutions That Improve Operations

Managing your business is a full-time job, but there are ways to improve the experience of your clientele and employees while also streamlining your daily business operations. With a commercial audio/video upgrade, your restaurant, retail space, or office building can transform communications while also boosting the look and feel of your property in the Lafayette, LA, area.

Read along below to learn more about what’s possible!

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