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Can Your Video Surveillance System Do This?

man and woman holding kids with a screenshot of an Alarm.com app interface in the foreground.

Electronics Professionals Reviews 5 Must-Have Security Camera Features Here

Protecting your family, your valuables, and your property are all at the top of your mind if you’re a homeowner. Regardless of the closely knit Lafayette, LA community where you live, remaining vigilant against potential threats and responding effectively to them is imperative in this day and age. 

Luckily, there are several technologies on the market that make this overwhelming task much more manageable. With the assistance of a video surveillance system expert like Electronics Professionals by your side, you can add peace of mind, safety, and protection to all four corners of your estate. 

Keep scrolling below to discover five must-have features your surveillance cameras need for the ultimate protection and convenience!

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5 Reasons to Install a Smart Home Security System With Control4

A homeowner checking their home security footage on a tablet.

Experience Total Home Control and Protection With Control4

Home security is crucial to protect your belongings and your family. That’s why many homeowners choose to equip their property with a security system. You can install many security technologies, from smart doorbells to security cameras, to keep your house safe. But nothing quite compares to the smart home security system you can create with Control4. Control4 is a great addition to any smart home, making technologies easier to manage to elevate any Lafayette, LA home. Check out these five reasons to use Control4 for your home security.

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3 FAQ about Alarm.com Home Alarm Systems

A woman’s hand holding a smartphone with the Alarm.com app in a kitchen area.

We Share Tutorial Videos So You Can Get the Most Out of Your Alarm Setup!

At the end of every home alarm system installation, the team at Electronics Professionals goes through an extensive walkthrough of the system and its components with homeowners. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to look back at learning materials to ensure you’re getting the most out of your new technology system.

We also offer extensive service and support plans to our Louisiana clients should any technical issues arise in the future, but if you’re in the mood to learn a few new ways to use your Alarm.com system, look below. We’ve added tutorials to three of our frequently asked questions. Keep scrolling to discover how to use the alarm system in your Lafayette-area home to its ultimate potential!

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Create a Classy Space with LED Lighting Fixtures

Pendant LED lighting fixtures installed in the dining room of a luxury home

Add Color, Creativity, and Class to Your Home by Upgrading to Tunable LED Lights

Lighting is one of the most essential components of any home. Not only does it enable us to see in the dark by brightening up the place, but your lighting design can be optimized to add character to your rooms. Proper design and integration of lights enhance the aesthetics and even affect your mood! While there are many unique lighting systems you can add to your home, nothing beats the functionality and customization features of LED lights.

LED lights have been around for a long time, but they have only become popular over the past decade or so. And for good reason! They produce much brighter light while consuming less energy, making them last longer. But LED lighting systems offer many more benefits.

Read on to discover how you can add more class and comfort to your home in Lafayette, LA, with LED lighting fixtures.

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3 Little-Known Benefits of Motorized Shades

Motorized shades installed on a bedroom window with drapes on either side.

Smart Shading Solutions Have More Features Than You May Realize

It’s likely you already know the popular benefits of motorized shades. They are attractive, perfect for luxury homes, and easy to control. In addition, they offer perfect shading solutions if you have windows in hard-to-reach spaces, or you’re tired of using cords and strings.

But you may not realize that there are other benefits to motorized shades. They come with a few impressive features that traditional, manually operated shades lack. Read on to learn about three little-known benefits of smart shades and how they can enhance your home in Lafayette, LA.


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