Planning a Trip? Protect Your Home with an System

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With Holiday Travel Around the Corner, Are You Prepared? 

‘Tis the season for holidays and social gatherings. As we head into the final months of the year, we find ourselves looking upon back-to-back scheduled festivities and time off from work. If you’re preparing to visit friends and family this year or plan to sneak away to a beach locale for a bit of rest and relaxation, then it’s time to prepare your Lafayette home for your departure.

Protecting your Louisiana property while you’re away is imperative. Keep reading our blog below to discover a few ways you can prepare your smart home alarm system for an extended absence. You can relax and celebrate the holidays wherever you’d like without worry! Read more below.

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Can Your Video Surveillance System Do This?

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Electronics Professionals Reviews 5 Must-Have Security Camera Features Here

Protecting your family, your valuables, and your property are all at the top of your mind if you’re a homeowner. Regardless of the closely knit Lafayette, LA community where you live, remaining vigilant against potential threats and responding effectively to them is imperative in this day and age. 

Luckily, there are several technologies on the market that make this overwhelming task much more manageable. With the assistance of a video surveillance system expert like Electronics Professionals by your side, you can add peace of mind, safety, and protection to all four corners of your estate. 

Keep scrolling below to discover five must-have features your surveillance cameras need for the ultimate protection and convenience!

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Are You Missing Any of These Essential Home Security Services?


Make sure your home security system is prepared to face all types of emergencies

You’ve upgraded your Lafayette, LA, home with a smart alarm system and surveillance cameras to help protect your property from burglars and other external threats. That’s great! But your work isn’t done yet. Did you know that many security threats and emergencies happen inside your home?

Do you have tools in place to detect silent but dangerous gases in the air? Or an alert system for smoke and fire? If not, you’re missing a few critical home security services that safeguard your home and protect your health and property. Keep reading to learn about three smart devices you need as part of a comprehensive home security system.


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Use Outdoor Lighting to Increase Your Home’s Security


Learn how a smart lighting system outside can increase the safety and security of your home

Outdoor lighting does much more than give your Lafayette, LA, home curbside appeal. Poor outdoor lighting could pose a serious security risk on your property. You can use lighting as a safety measure to secure your property, especially when you add smart technology that allows you to access and control your outside lights from a smartphone or tablet.

Keep reading to learn how you can utilize smart lighting to protect your home and family better.


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Your Home Security Services Starter Kit for a Safer Home


Wondering Where to Start? We Figured it Out for You

Your home’s security has become a priority to you recently, and you want to invest in home security services that will help you protect your family and your belongings. There are plenty of options on the market, but it can be overwhelming to try and figure out which services and products you really need. 

We want to make protecting your Lafayette, LA, home easier, so we picked out three essential security tools to get you started. Keep reading to find out what they are and how they’ll benefit your property.

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Alarm System

When you decide to take your property’s security seriously, the first piece of smart security technology you should bring into your home is an alarm system. An alarm system is typically the foundation of a home security system and is the most effective at protecting your family and belongings. This will give you the ultimate peace of mind knowing that you’ll receive an instant notification if your system goes off, and so will law enforcement.  

Most alarm systems give you access to real-time information from touch screen panels and smartphone applications so you can keep an eye on your home no matter where you are, at home or away. Your alarm system will also work in tandem with other smart security technology to further protect your home.

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