Hire A Professional to Install Your New Smart Alarm System


Gain peace of mind knowing that a professional integrator expertly installed your smart alarm system

You’re finally ready to upgrade your home security to a smart alarm system. Now the biggest question is, should you install the new system yourself or hire a professional? You’re leaning toward a DIY project, because how hard can it be to hook up an alarm system and throw up a few cameras?

As it turns out, there are several considerations that you haven’t anticipated, especially when it comes to equipment, placement and monitoring. That’s why we recommend you trust the job to a professional integration company like Electronics Professionals in Lafayette, LA. Below are 5 benefits you can expect to gain from a professional security installation.


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How to Use Smart Tech for Fun-in-the-Sun Outdoor Entertainment


Smart audio, video and lighting can turn your backyard or patio into a multimedia entertainment center

After spending the past few months at home, you may be feeling like it’s time for a change of scenery. Good news — you can experience a whole new world without ever leaving home. Investing in an outdoor entertainment system in your Lafayette, LA, backyard will give you the motivation you need to spend more time outside in the fresh air.

With audio, video and lighting control at your disposal, smart technology can help you reimagine your outdoor space as a relaxing staycation spot. Keep reading to learn more.


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What You Need to Look for When Choosing Outdoor Speakers


Outdoor audio systems have different requirements than indoor systems — here are a few considerations to keep in mind

As the weather warms up in Lafayette, LA, you’re ready to listen to music outside while you relax by the pool or spend time exercising in your backyard. Maybe you drag a few Bluetooth speakers or one of your wireless living room speakers outside so you can listen to Pandora and the result is…unsatisfying.

High-quality backyard speakers are designed to be outside year-round. They must meet special requirements to produce clear, even sound in outdoor spaces, and they must be durable enough to weather environmental conditions without breaking down. Keep the following 3 factors in mind when you’re ready to set up an outdoor audio system.


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5 Convenient Places to Integrate Voice Control With Smart Technology


Make daily activities faster and simpler by using voice activation to manage your smart home devices

Voice control is now a reality for smart device control and not just an unbelievable plot detail in sci-fi books. If you have a Lafayette, LA, smart home, consider adding voice assistant integrations to simplify and streamline processes you use daily.

Integration is simple with voice assistants like Siri and Amazon Alexa, which are compatible with hundreds of third-party companies and devices. Keep reading to learn 6 of the most convenient (and fun) ways you can use voice commands at home.


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Use Outdoor Lighting to Increase Your Home’s Security


Learn how a smart lighting system outside can increase the safety and security of your home

Outdoor lighting does much more than give your Lafayette, LA, home curbside appeal. Poor outdoor lighting could pose a serious security risk on your property. You can use lighting as a safety measure to secure your property, especially when you add smart technology that allows you to access and control your outside lights from a smartphone or tablet.

Keep reading to learn how you can utilize smart lighting to protect your home and family better.


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