2 Ways LED Lighting Fixtures Can Help While You’re Stuck at Home


This smart home technology can help you and your family cope during the long weeks and months ahead

We’re all coming to grips with the impact the COVID-19 outbreak is having on our daily lives. Many businesses are shut down, schools are closed, and we’re all being encouraged to stay in our homes. It’s an unpleasant set of circumstances, to be sure, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make this period of social distancing more bearable.

Believe it or not, your light fixtures can help you and your family better weather this outbreak. If you’re not getting outside, you won’t get the benefits that come with exposure to natural light. LED lighting fixtures are one way to alleviate this issue, and today we’ll show you two reasons why you should consider adding this smart technology to your Lafayette, LA home.

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4 Reasons You Need A Home Networking Upgrade Right Away


A steady online connection is vital if your family is sheltered in place

The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted our lives in countless ways, from canceled sporting events to closing schools and businesses. It’s important during this time to stay inside as much as possible to avoid contracting the virus or spreading it to vulnerable people, but staying home all day presents its own challenges. You might be working from home, or your children might be taking classes online, and so on.

For all these reasons and more, we strongly recommend you invest in a home networking upgrade for your Lafayette, LA home. Keep reading to see four key reasons why a network upgrade is so  vital right now.

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3 Need-to-Have Additions to Your Smart Alarm System


You may be wondering if a smart alarm system is right for you or you may already have a system installed in your Lafayette, LA-area home. Regardless of which decision-making step of the process you are currently on, there are some additional features you should consider for any smart alarm system, new or existing.

In addition to standard security cameras and motion sensors, options are available that will protect not only your family but will ensure your peace of mind. These features can also save you from extensive home damage and repair costs.

Keep reading to learn about three potential additions to your smart alarm system.

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3 Key Features of a High-Quality Media Room Design


Your clients likely have a vision when they come to you for a media room. In their mind’s eye, they are seeing a happy family enjoying a new movie, or entertaining friends on the day of a big game. But that vision likely doesn’t consider a few key features that will be essential in enjoying their media room to the fullest. Of course, that’s where a partnership between your team and ours is key.

The ideal features and technologies for a media room design are practical, easy-to-use, and deliver a first-class experience right at home. We partner with architects and interior designers across Louisiana, to provide home automation solutions from Lafayette to Broussard.

Read on to learn more about crafting the perfect media room, and the fundamental features to make it stand out.

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How Motorized Shades and Drapes Can Elevate Your Living Space


Looking for a way to bring luxury and convenience to your Lafayette, LA home? Look no further: Motorized shades and drapes are the smart automation solution for you.

But how exactly can these features change your daily life? We go through the basic benefits of installing automated window treatments, and how they can transform even the simplest of tasks.

You can install motorized shades and drapes in a brand new construction or retrofit your existing home. We can also retrofit your existing drapes in your existing home onto a motorized drapery rod.

Read on to see how smart shades and drapes can transform your home!

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