6 Reasons Why Switching To Smart Shades Makes Perfect Sense


Need a Good Reason to Get Motorized Window Treatments? We’ve Got Some Excellent Ones for You! 

It’s not always easy to change your home décor. You may like things the way they are. Or you could be so accustomed to your home’s furnishing and interior design that you never give it a second thought. Perhaps, you know your rooms need a makeover, but you don’t know where to start. The answer may be right in front of you. The windows! Even a simple update to your windows provides the dramatic makeover you need.

Motorized window treatments do much more than add style to your living spaces – even though you’ll notice an impressive upgrade. They also help you take another step into seamless home automation. Want to know more about the benefits of installing smart shades in your Lafayette, LA, home? Keep reading for six reasons to upgrade to motorized shades and blinds.


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Harness the Power of Voice Control Throughout Your Home


Voice Control Brings a New Level of Integration to Your Home Automation System

The purpose of bringing smart technology into your home is to make life more convenient, and it doesn’t get more convenient than integrating voice control into your home automation system.

Instead of grabbing your smartphone or walking to a remote to lower your smart thermostat or open your motorized shades, you can control all your smart technology with a simple voice command.

Sounds pretty nice, right? Keep reading to find out how voice control can help you make the most out of the technology in your Lafayette, LA home.


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Experience a Day in the Life With a Whole-Home AV System


Find the joy in every day with exceptional entertainment no matter where you are at home

Today, we’re incredibly lucky to be surrounded by music and streaming content available to us no matter where we are. At home, there’s no doubt that home entertainment brings value and joy to our lives: learn new cooking skills watching YouTube videos, create the perfect energizing Spotify playlist for a home workout, and bond with the family over the latest binge-worthy Netflix show.

A home AV system ensures that you have easy access to all the entertainment in your Lafayette, LA, home. With multi-room audio video, you can tune in to the music, podcasts, TV shows and movies you enjoy whenever you want, using only your smartphone or a touchscreen tablet.

Still not sure what that means for you? Keep reading to envision a typical day in the life with whole-home AV.


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Invest in LED Lighting for a Healthier and More Efficient Smart Home


LED lighting fixtures offer numerous benefits over traditional light sources

LED technology has been a game-changer for home lighting. LED lighting fixtures are durable, long-lasting and safer for the environment. They offer amazing dimming capabilities and superb color rendering that make them a valuable addition to whole-home lighting design. And when you combine LED fixtures with smart lighting control, you add even more comfort and convenience from your system. Access, manage and adjust all your Lafayette, LA, home lighting on one smartphone app or touchscreen tablet.

Keep reading to learn two primary benefits of choosing LED lighting fixtures over traditional light sources.


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Why Builders Need to Incorporate Acoustical Engineering in Residential Projects


By working with an audio professional on your home builds, you can amplify a buyer’s experience

When building a home, there are many things to consider beyond the foundation, structure, and finishes. Perhaps one of the most important features to acknowledge is the acoustics of each space within the home.

Architects, designers, and builders in Lafayette, LA, understand the value that acoustical engineering can bring to a residence. By working with a skilled audio engineer, you will elevate the quality of your home builds. Find out why considering acoustics should be a necessity for each of your homes.


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