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Save on Energy Costs in the Office With Architectural Lighting


Learn how architectural lighting makes your buildings more cost-efficient and energy-efficient

Architectural lighting has three primary purposes. First, it serves to showcase a building’s aesthetic and architectural features. Second, it serves to improve the functionality of the building — it creates a comfortable environment for occupants to work, relax, or play. And third, it serves to use and distribute light in an economically efficient way.

Energy efficiency is a very important consideration for businesses in Lafayette, LA. Energy-efficient technologies like lighting control lower energy costs and reduce overhead spending for building maintenance. Keep reading to learn more about how architectural lighting will help your building or office go green.  

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Energy-efficient lighting starts with thoughtful design. A cohesive, whole-building lighting design ensures that your space has the right number of lighting fixtures and the correct type of lighting to match specific purposes — like accent lighting to highlight artwork in the lobby and task lighting to provide illumination over employee workstations. An organized design also ensures no over-illumination in spaces, a common issue that racks up energy expenditures.  

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Live a Day in the Life With Smart LED Lighting Fixtures


Simplify your daily routines with lighting control that responds to one-touch commands

Lighting is one of the most-used components in your Lafayette, LA home. Instead of wasting time flipping countless switches during the day, invest in LED lighting fixtures and a lighting control system from Lutron for smarter, more convenient control. 

A smart lighting system offers you personalized control over your home’s lights  whether that’s making lighting scenes that activate automatically or adjusting and dimming lights during the day using your smartphone app or voice control. If you’re interested in seeing how smart lighting can enhance your lifestyle, read our blog to imagine a day in the life!

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Rise and Shine

Your lighting is set on a daily schedule to make sure you get up and moving on time. When the alarm goes off at 6 a.m., the bedside table lamp turns on to a dim glow, and you spend the first moments of the day slowly awakening with a book as the lamp gradually brightens. At 6:30 a.m., the bedroom overhead light and bathroom light pop on, your signal that it’s time to get up and prepare for the day. 

After your shower, you walk through the house and ask Alexa to turn on the kitchen light. The sun is rising to a beautiful day, so you throw open the kitchen shades with just the tap of a button and ask Alexa to set the overhead light at 50%, taking advantage of the natural sunlight streaming through the window

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3 Ways to Take Your Home AV System to the Next Level


Enjoy superb entertainment in every area of your Lafayette home with a few smart upgrades

Home entertainment hit an all-time high in 2020, and many homeowners have realized anew how enjoyable it is to have a high-quality home AV system for watching movies, binging TV shows, and playing music.

Now that you have a taste, perhaps it’s time to upgrade your AV setup to make your entertainment more expansive, accessible, and controllable. Keep reading to learn three solutions for taking your AV systems to the next level in your Lafayette, LA home.

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Spread Music to Every Room

Right now, maybe you use multiple audio solutions to listen to music at home: a pair of Bluetooth speakers in the bedroom, a smart TV with native apps in the living room, a laptop in the home office. These unconnected solutions limit the type of music you can listen to in each room, and you have to control each one separately.

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3 Situations Where Voice Control Swoops in to Save the Day


Master the technology in your home without even lifting a finger

Alexa, what’s the easiest way to control my smart home? If you guessed voice control, you’d be correct. Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant offers you a hands-free, hassle-free way to control the audio/video, lights, thermostat, door locks, and other smart devices with simple verbal commands. Voice assistants like Alexa, Google, and Siri can be integrated with hundreds of third-party smart devices, and Alexa and Google have native integration with a Control4 home automation system. 

Keep reading to learn three situations where voice control is the ideal assistant in your Lafayette, LA smart home! 

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1. When Your Hands Are Otherwise Occupied

Let voice control be an extra set of hands when you have an armload of groceries, laundry, or anything else. Verbally ask your home to turn on exterior porch lights when you’re walking up with hands full of pizza boxes for dinner or interior laundry room lights when you’re walking down the hallway with a full load of dirty clothes. 

While your hands are occupied in the kitchen, ask Alexa or Google to brighten the overhead lighting by 25% for better visibility while you’re dicing vegetables or play some music over the in-ceiling speakers for entertainment while you cook. 

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What Can Surveillance Cameras do for Your Smart Home’s Security


Leaving your home unoccupied can be nerve-wracking.  Seemingly empty houses can be prime targets for robbers – so how can you ensure that yours is secure while you’re gone?

A smart home surveillance system is the perfect solution.  And different types of surveillance cameras can better snapshot everything that goes down on your Lafayette, LA property.

We recommend IC Realtime Security Solutions cameras that can take in every angle of your home and have features that make viewing captured footage easier than ever.

Keep on reading below to learn more about these innovative cameras and how they can be life-changing for you on your next vacation.


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