4 Advanced Features Modern Commercial Surveillance Cameras Have


Learn how new, state-of-the-art surveillance technology protects your business and property 24/7

In the past, commercial surveillance cameras have been passive devices. While they were able to record events in and around your Lafayette, LA, property, they required a dedicated human being to watch the footage and glean useful insight or evidence. Today’s advanced cameras have smart technology features that enable them to be more active: they can detect and identify people and objects, analyze events, and send instant alerts, allowing you to take swift action when a security breach occurs.

Keep reading to learn four state-of-the-art surveillance features that provide more robust coverage to your security system.    


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What Can Surveillance Cameras do for Your Smart Home’s Security


Leaving your home unoccupied can be nerve-wracking.  Seemingly empty houses can be prime targets for robbers – so how can you ensure that yours is secure while you’re gone?

A smart home surveillance system is the perfect solution.  And different types of surveillance cameras can better snapshot everything that goes down on your Lafayette, LA property.

We recommend IC Realtime Security Solutions cameras that can take in every angle of your home and have features that make viewing captured footage easier than ever.

Keep on reading below to learn more about these innovative cameras and how they can be life-changing for you on your next vacation.


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