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The 3 Things You Need to Get Started With Home Automation


Successful home automation begins with having the right foundation in place

It’s exciting to imagine all of the benefits and conveniences home automation can bring to your daily life and routines. Picture a smart thermostat that automatically adjusts to the optimal temperature depending on the weather outside, a whole-home sound system that plays music in any room of the house with the tap of a button, and smart lights that dim and brighten based on your mood or the time of day. Smart technology introduces a whole new way of living to your Lafayette, LA, lifestyle. Keep reading to learn the three things you need to get started designing your custom smart home system!


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Smart Home Security: How You Can Enjoy Peace of Mind From Anywhere


Do you and your family have your next vacation planned?

If so, are you taking the right precautions to keep your home safe?

With a smart home security system, you proactively can prepare your Lafayette, LA property for the next time you spend a few days away from home.

Whether you plan on traveling for spring break, summer vacation or even this year’s holidays, you can achieve reliable home security through a professional installation.

Below, we’ll explore what a smart security system entails and how it can allow you to have peace of mind, no matter where your next destination might be.

Simply keep reading to find out more.

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3 Key Features of a High-Quality Media Room Design


Your clients likely have a vision when they come to you for a media room. In their mind’s eye, they are seeing a happy family enjoying a new movie, or entertaining friends on the day of a big game. But that vision likely doesn’t consider a few key features that will be essential in enjoying their media room to the fullest. Of course, that’s where a partnership between your team and ours is key.

The ideal features and technologies for a media room design are practical, easy-to-use, and deliver a first-class experience right at home. We partner with architects and interior designers across Louisiana, to provide home automation solutions from Lafayette to Broussard.

Read on to learn more about crafting the perfect media room, and the fundamental features to make it stand out.

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Infratech Brings the Heat to Your Outdoor Living Spaces


With football season well underway and tailgates and bonfire nights to come, you’re bound to spend more and more time outside in the crisp fall evening air. But how can you stay comfortable when you’re outside at night and facing cold temperatures?

That’s where Infratech’s top-of-the-line outdoor heaters can step in. You can bring all the comfort and luxury of your indoor temperatures to the outdoor living spaces at your property in the Lafayette, LA area. Never let the cold temperatures determine if a cookout or get-together happens or not.

Keep reading below to see how Infratech’s top-notch products can elevate your property and keep you warm all season long.


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