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Planning Your Outdoor Sound System: Wired Vs. Wireless Speakers


Read our side-by-side comparison of wired vs. wireless speakers to help you make the best choice for your outdoor audio setup

Outdoor music is a fantastic addition to your home entertainment system and a great reason to spend a lot of time outside in Lafayette, LA, this summer. If you’re starting with an outdoor audio system and researching the components you need, you may be running across a choice you have to make: should you purchase wired or wireless speakers?

Speaker selection is crucial to ensure you’re getting the best audio quality from your system. To help you out, we’re going to break down the differences between wired and wireless speakers, the pros and cons of each and which type is best for you. Keep reading!  


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Explore 7 Gorgeous Landscape Lighting Design Techniques


Show off your property with beautifully designed outdoor lighting setups

It’s time to transform the exterior of your home from ordinary to extraordinary. Well-designed landscape lighting is an art form that uses multiple techniques to enhance your home’s curb appeal, create a more inviting environment, and produce a visual scene that will awe and inspire neighbors, family and friends. 

Wondering what you can do with outdoor lighting? Keep reading to learn seven design techniques that add ambiance and beauty to your Lafayette, LA, property.


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3 Ways to Use Outdoor Lighting to Enhance Your Home


Add more beauty, security, and fun to your outdoor living spaces with smart lighting design

Outdoor lighting adds significant value to your home beyond illuminating shadowy corners in the yard. Mix and match LED lighting fixtures and lighting design elements to boost exterior security, highlight the attractive architectural features of your house, and keep entertaining long after the sun goes down in the evening. At Electronics Professionals, our team will help you design and install the right setup for your spaces, plus program your system so that you can control all your outside lights with a single smart device like a smartphone or tablet.

Keep reading to learn three ways you can use outdoor lighting to enhance your Lafayette, LA, home!


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3 Essential Features to Look for in a New Home Alarm System


Make sure your new alarm has the capabilities you need for reliable home protection 

Is your home alarm system due for an upgrade? If you have been using the same alarm for several years now, the answer is probably yes. Home security technology is advancing at a breakneck speed, and today’s alarm systems are smarter, more accessible, and more proactive than ever before.  

But picking an alarm system that makes you feel safe and secure is overwhelming with so many choices on the market. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide as a starting point to choosing a new alarm for your Lafayette, LA home. Keep reading to learn about three essential features your new system should have.  

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How a Smart Climate Control System Enhances Your Comfort and Wellbeing


Automated Environmental Controls Keep Uniform Temperature While Reducing Humidity and Saving Energy

One of the benefits of living in a smart home is having the luxury of comfort and convenience. Temperature and humidity are two of the most significant factors in feeling comfortable in your home. A well-regulated home environment can also make a considerable influence on mood and wellbeing.

A climate control system connected to automation saves energy, helps you sleep better, and brings balance to your circadian cycles. Through sensors and programming, your home can manage itself, automatically adjusting as the day progresses to provide you with consistent comfort.

Are you ready to see how a smart climate control ecosystem can enhance your Lafayette, LA home? Read below to find out more.

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Goldilocks Zone

Your house does not heat or cool uniformly. Different materials retain heat differently, and sunlight does not affect all homes in the same way.  Parts of the house with a southern exposure receive more sunlight for a longer time, especially in the winter months. Using only a single sensor or reading to manage temperature and humidity results in uneven application of the HVAC system. In this scenario, individual rooms may be too hot or too cold, never just right.

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