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Why You Should Install Access Control in Your Home


How You Can Use Access Control to Protect and Control Your Home

Your safety and the safety of those you love are priority number one. Having a security system in your home is the first line of defense. But no matter how robust or reliable it is, it has limitations and can often be a reactive method when it comes to dealing with an unforeseen incident.

But access control systems give a proactive means of managing potential threats, allowing you to see and decide who comes and goes and make quick decisions when a threat is detected by your system. With a home access control system installed in your Lafayette home, you know you have all your bases covered when it comes to security.  

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Provide and Revoke Access Seamlessly

Forget about leaving a key under the mat when you need to give someone else access to your home. Instead, upgrade to an access control system that lets you use fobs, mobile apps or access codes. Through your system app, you’ll be able to add new users in just a few minutes. For people like contractors that need temporary access, forget about the stress of retrieving keys or worrying if copies were made. As soon as their project is done, remove their access code from the system. In just a few steps you get complete peace of mind that only the people you want can enter your home.

Monitor Who Enters and Leaves Your Home

Access control also provides a great way to monitor the coming and goings in your home. Along with being more convenient, the entry options outlined above provide better visibility as well. Each person can be linked to their form of entry, letting you create a comprehensive security log showing when someone—like say, your daily dog walker—comes into the home and when they leave. Notice a pattern of someone coming in at times they shouldn’t be? Change the settings in your app so their code only works at predetermined times.

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