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3 Ways to Take Your Home AV System to the Next Level


Enjoy superb entertainment in every area of your Lafayette home with a few smart upgrades

Home entertainment hit an all-time high in 2020, and many homeowners have realized anew how enjoyable it is to have a high-quality home AV system for watching movies, binging TV shows, and playing music.

Now that you have a taste, perhaps it’s time to upgrade your AV setup to make your entertainment more expansive, accessible, and controllable. Keep reading to learn three solutions for taking your AV systems to the next level in your Lafayette, LA home.

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Spread Music to Every Room

Right now, maybe you use multiple audio solutions to listen to music at home: a pair of Bluetooth speakers in the bedroom, a smart TV with native apps in the living room, a laptop in the home office. These unconnected solutions limit the type of music you can listen to in each room, and you have to control each one separately.

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Hear the Difference with Dolby Atmos For Your Home Theater


Dolby Atmos brings a 3-D audio experience when watching movies or TV in your Lafayette, LA home

It can be easy when setting up a home theater system to focus on your TV or projector screen at the expense of quality audio. Doing this is a mistake; while the visual component of a home theater is obviously important, it’s hard to stay engaged if you don’t have quality sound to accompany what you’re watching. And if you want the best sound possible when watching your favorite movies, there’s only one answer: Dolby Atmos. Here’s a quick overview of why you want Dolby Atmos for the home theater system in your Lafayette, LA living space.

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DIY or a Professional Home Theater Installation: Which is Best?


Are you looking to bring a home theater to your house but are unsure how to make that happen?

Some decide that building the cinema themselves is best – it’s less expensive, after all. But the other option is a professional installation done by a team of experts.

Which is the right choice for you, and what can you expect from both processes? In this blog, we’ll dive in and show you exactly what a home theater installation of either kind at your house might entail.

Keep reading below to find out more!


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Thinking about Installing a Home Theater in Your Louisiana Home?


The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) hosts a thrilling expo every year for professionals in the industry. This year manufacturers from all over the world descended upon Denver, Colorado for the annual trade show. Unveiled there were several new products from our favorite brands, and we saw some exciting home theater installation trends that we want to share with you!

Keep reading the blog for the latest home theater trends you can install in your very own Lafayette, LA home.

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