Why Do You Need a Multi-Speaker System for Outdoor Audio?


An evenly distributed multi-speaker system improves the sound quality and coverage of an outdoor audio setup

Set yourself up for fun this summer with an outdoor audio system in your Lafayette, LA, backyard. An outdoor sound system allows you to listen to music while reading a book on the patio, taking a midday swim in the pool or spending the morning working in the flower gardens.

The best installation option for a large space with several areas where you want to enjoy music is an evenly distributed, multi-speaker system. A multi-speaker design ensures that sound is crisp, clear and consistent no matter where you are in the backyard. Keep reading to learn the benefits of evenly distributed audio outdoors!


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Achieve Better Sound Coverage

Outside, sound travels differently than it does within an enclosed room. In a room, your ears pick up 2 types of sound:

  • Direct sound that travels from speakers directly into your ears
  • Reflected sound that bounces off surfaces (the walls, floor and ceiling) and then travels into your ears

Although too much reflection creates reverberations and echoes, the right amount of reflected sound helps us hear music more clearly and fully. In open outdoor spaces, sound isn’t contained by walls and floors, which means it starts to sound weak and thin the further you move from the audio source.

A multi-speaker system helps you attain sound coverage throughout large spaces — from the patio to the outer edges of your property. You can also create different sound zones, like a pool zone and a garden zone, so that the kids can listen to their music in the pool while you listen to your own playlist in the garden.


Achieve Better Sound Quality

We’ve already talked about how outdoor sound gets weaker the further you move from the audio source. If you have one or two speakers out on your patio, but you’re trying to transmit sound across the entire patio and pool deck, you may decide to extend sound transmission by turning up the volume. Unfortunately, that creates even more problems: now the people closest to the speakers can’t hear each other speak, people on the pool deck still aren’t receiving good sound quality and the neighbors are calling in a noise complaint.

The better solution is to arrange multiple speakers in an evenly distributed pattern. That way, you can hear even, clear audio at a lower overall volume no matter where you are.   

Electronics Professionals can help you set up a scalable outdoor audio system to deliver high-quality sound throughout your entire space. Our team will perform an evaluation of your property to advise you on the right number of speakers for high-performance audio. We’ll handle all the wiring and installation, plus add network expansion solutions so you can listen to all your favorite music streaming services outside.


Trust the experts to do the job right! We serve residential homes in the Lafayette, LA, area, so give us a call at 337-268-9753 or fill out a contact form to set up a consultation.

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