Listen to Your Music Inside and Out of the House


Imagine your favorite tunes following you throughout your whole home – wherever you go.  Now listening to the latest singles doesn’t have to be just in your living room or kitchen.

Turn the grill and the volume up; you and your family can now jam out to your entire music library while you are relaxing and conversing outside on the patio.  We offer whole home audio services from Lafayette to Broussard, LA, and ensure you can control your media from any corner of your home.


In Your Control

There’s no doubt that everyone has different musical tastes – and that goes for everyone in your home.  But regardless of what you’re interested in at the moment, all your media is accessible to you and your family.  Change songs, crank up the volume, and manage every media selection all from the same source – a remote, your smartphone, or any other smart device.

This also means you can control audio in every room of your home – and outdoors as well.  If you’re upstairs, you can easily switch on the music in the living room.  If guests are outside, and you’re about to join them, surprise them by turning on a playlist for them – while you’re still in your home.

Jam to Anything

Whatever song is playing through your head, you can easily play it through your Louisiana home.  By integrating your music library into the home audio system, you can access all your CDs, Vinyl records, and already set-playlists.

Become your home’s DJ, and play any request thrown your way.  Using streaming services, like Pandora and Spotify, you can virtually choose any song.

Melodies that Follow

Enjoying your music from anywhere in your home has never been easier.  You can be on your patio outside, and unwinding with your favorite album playing.  If you need to head back inside, your songs won’t instantly cut off as the door shuts.

Now, your high-end audio can follow you wherever you walk to in or out of the house.  Stay outside listening to your music as long as you’d like, and then head up to bed – the same songs playing for you the entire time with ease.

Say you’re having guests over, and everyone is eating and chatting outside while enjoying the background music.  Once it starts to get later, some people might prefer to head back inside.  You can have the same soothing tunes play for them in whichever room they go in to relax and get comfortable.

Whole home audio brings the music to any part of your house – whether it’s the highest floor or the outdoors.  To learn even more about the audio services we provide, schedule a no-obligation consultation with us today by giving us a call at (337) 268-9753 or by filling out our quick contact form online.

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