Enhance your Movie-Watching with a Home Theater System


Setting up a private home cinema might at first seem like a daunting task. With so many components, it’s no wonder it can feel like endless choices and overwhelming undertakings are being thrown at you. But with our help, you can have the home theater system of your dreams in your Lafayette, LA residence. Read on below to learn how choosing the right features for you can make all the difference for your viewing experience.


It’s all about what you see up on the screen. You want the most astounding view when you turn on a film, and to get that, a 4K Ultra High Definition TV is an ideal addition to any home theater. You can watch your movies or binge-watch a TV show with clear resolution and without seeing any pixels no matter how close you are to the screen.

You can choose between a standard 4K TV screen, or instead incorporate a projector. Simply press a button and the screen can lower with ease when you’re ready to watch something, and disappear into the ceiling when you’re done. You can control both from your smartphone or tablet, without ever having to get up from your seat.


When you’re trying to enjoy your favorite TV show or film franchise for the hundredth time, an immersive listening environment is paramount. It's time to move on from the traditional channel-based surround sound system. You can't have a home theater today without embracing Dolby Atmos, DTS:X or Auro 3D formats. Through specialized audio coding, speakers and layouts, you can create a sonic sphere that surrounds you from all sides. Recently introduced to the consumer market, it's becoming a standard in private cinemas nationwide.

There are numerous options for where your speakers can go. Use standing speakers for a more traditional feel. Or if you’re going with a themed route, then bookshelf of in-wall speakers may be right for you. You can even utilize your theater for other purposes with hidden audio and roll-up screens integrated into your system.


Plush and luxurious seating makes all the difference in commercial theaters. So why not give you and your guests the same comfort in your own home? There are many options for seats, but it’s best to use leather or another fabric that won’t absorb sound. You don’t want too high of headrests that might obscure others’ views, or even mess with the acoustics. The right placement would be in the “sweet triangle,” in between the left and right speakers.

There are plenty of patterns and styles to choose from, and you can even customize the seats to fit any theme you are crafting your theater around. From couch-like seating to car-shaped ones, you can create your desired home cinema.

Planning your home theater system doesn’t have to be a hassle. Contact us at (337) 268-9753 or online through our contact page.


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