3 Technologies to Have More Outdoor Fun This Spring


The new year may have just arrived, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to the arrival of spring as well. With warmer temperatures comes the return of backyard parties, eating dinner outside, relaxing evenings by the pool, and more. If you’re looking to upgrade the outdoor entertainment experience in your Lafayette home, we have a few suggestions for you. Keep reading to see how we can bring some extra fun to your Louisiana living space.

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At first glance, an outdoor TV may seem like a distraction when you’re trying to spend time with your friends and family. That isn’t necessarily the case; an outdoor TV can improve your outdoor entertainment experience just as easily as it can distract. You can watch your favorite blockbuster movies under the stars or binge your favorite show while cuddling up with your family or partner. Outdoor TVs also let you stream video from anywhere in your home, so now you can watch the big game while you’re hanging out by the grill.

A few pointers regarding setting up an outdoor TV: First and foremost, don’t just plug an indoor TV into an outdoor outlet. Indoor TVs aren’t built to withstand rain, humidity, dust and other elements that could damage or even break the display. These elements include the outside temperature, since many electrical components won’t work properly in the extreme heat of the Louisiana summer. Furthermore, the intense glare from the sun means you’ll need a much brighter screen than you find on indoor TVs if you want to see everything properly.


It follows that an outdoor TV goes well with some quality outdoor speakers. Our team can install a system that delivers high-performance sound throughout your yard. We use weather-resistant speakers with enough power to fill your outdoor spaces. We can place speakers on your exterior walls, camouflage them as rocks in your landscape, or place them among trees, plants and other foliage. Connect your outdoor speakers to your whole home audio system to pull up your favorite recordings wherever you are.


Make your next backyard party brighter, more colorful and more fun with smart outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting control puts architectural features or other landscape elements in their best light, literally. Colored LEDs can also add some flair to your yard by highlighting certain areas while keeping others in shadow. You can find outdoor lighting options for every mood or occasion. Install spotlights if you want to go big and bold, or try a more subdued aesthetic with strip lights, well lights and fixtures mounted to your walls.

Once the initial installation is complete, it’s a breeze to design different lighting scenes for different moods and events. You can begin with an “Outdoor Party” scene that turns on the lights for your deck, patio or yard while keeping everything else off. This will keep guests from wandering off once the sun sets.

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