Planning Your Outdoor Sound System: Wired Vs. Wireless Speakers


Read our side-by-side comparison of wired vs. wireless speakers to help you make the best choice for your outdoor audio setup

Outdoor music is a fantastic addition to your home entertainment system and a great reason to spend a lot of time outside in Lafayette, LA, this summer! If you’re starting out with an outdoor sound system and researching the necessary components, there is a choice you need to make: should you purchase wired or wireless speakers?

Speaker selection is crucial to ensure you’re getting the best audio quality from your system. To help you out, we’re going to break down the differences between wired and wireless, the pros and cons of each and which type is best for you. Keep reading to learn more!  


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Wireless Speakers

The main draw of wireless speakers is that they’re easy to set up and convenient to use. Portable, battery-powered, Bluetooth-enabled speakers can be carried around the pool or backyard and connect easily with your phone or tablet to play music. Many wireless speakers are now Wi-Fi-enabled, and several have battery lives that can last anywhere from 10-20 hours. A robust wireless speaker (or pair of speakers) may be the right choice if you don’t use outdoor audio frequently, or you want to be able to take outdoor speakers with you to the beach or tailgating parties.

Unfortunately, convenience comes at a cost. Even wireless speakers need a power supply, which means you’ll need an AC outlet outdoors to plug your speakers into or to charge the batteries for portable speakers. Not all wireless outdoor speakers are weatherproof, and they aren’t designed to be left outdoors year-round. You’ll have to bring your speakers indoors after every use.

The real drawback of wireless speakers is the loss of sound quality. A portable wireless speaker isn’t going to generate enough power to spread sound across a large space. The only solution is to increase the volume, making the music uncomfortably loud for people close to the speaker.


Wired Speakers

For a dependable, powerful outdoor sound system that can play any music you desire, wired speakers are the way to go. If you’re planning to use your setup frequently and want the best sound quality for outdoor music, then a wired system is better.

An indoor AV receiver or amplifier powers wired speakers. If you already have a home theater receiver, it likely has a second output zone where you can connect outdoor speakers. Sophisticated multi-channel receivers can process multiple music sources, including streaming services, network music libraries, CDs, MP3 players and vinyl records. There are no limitations to what you can listen to outdoors.

Sound quality is what sets wired speakers apart from wireless ones. Outdoor speakers are designed to be more powerful to compensate for open areas and environmental noise. Most permanently installed outdoor speakers come with built-in or underground subwoofers that deliver robust bass. And permanently installed speakers can live outdoors year-round. They’re built with weatherproof materials designed to withstand environmental conditions.

Many people see the complicated setup as the downside to a wired system. But with the help of a professional integrator, the complicated becomes easy. At Electronics Professionals, our techs can design a multi-speaker system to distribute crisp, clear sound throughout your space evenly. We’ll install the speakers and run the underground wire back to your indoor receiver.    


Trust Electronics Professionals as your guide to outdoor sound systems. We design and install full-scale custom outdoor entertainment systems with audio, video, lighting, shades and more for residents in the Lafayette, LA, area. If you’re ready to start enjoying outdoor music, call us at 337-268-9753 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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