3 Ways to Use Outdoor Lighting to Enhance Your Home


Add more beauty, security, and fun to your outdoor living spaces with smart lighting design

Outdoor lighting adds significant value to your home beyond illuminating shadowy corners in the yard. Mix and match LED lighting fixtures and lighting design elements to boost exterior security, highlight the attractive architectural features of your house, and keep entertaining long after the sun goes down in the evening. At Electronics Professionals, our team will help you design and install the right setup for your spaces, plus program your system so that you can control all your outside lights with a single smart device like a smartphone or tablet.

Keep reading to learn three ways you can use outdoor lighting to enhance your Lafayette, LA, home!


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Safety and Security

Make exterior lighting an integrated part of your home security system. Motion sensor-activated floodlights overlooking the front lawn, porch, and garage can spook would-be home intruders who get too close to your home. The presence of light and the illusion that someone is home is one of the biggest deterrents to residential burglaries. A professional integrator like Electronics Professionals can help construct a lighting design that flushes out shadowy corners around the porch, garage and side of the house to prevent home intruders from lying in wait.

Outdoor lighting also ensures that you remain safe from yourself. Schedule porch, garage and front path lights to turn on after sunset so that you can walk up to your house safely when you get home from work. In the backyard, step lights on the patio steps prevent stumbles and falls, while path lights illuminate uneven stone walkways throughout the backyard.  



When the evenings stay warm and temperate during Louisiana spring and summer, patio and landscape lighting solutions give you the freedom to linger outside with family, friends, and good conversation long after the sun sets. Let wall-mounted and eave lights cast cozy illumination over the patio while you share a late-night drink with friends. Light up underwater lights or bullet lights nestled in the foliage around the pool for a midnight swim. Or get some music going and light up the backyard with color-changing LED lights that create a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


Curbside Appeal

Who doesn’t love to show off a beautiful home? Outdoor lighting fixtures can be used in the front and back yards to highlight French Creole style architecture on old Louisiana homes, a beautiful flowering Dogwood tree, stately porch columns, sculptures and statues, fountains, and blooming gardens. Impress the neighbors and draw the eyes of passers-by with well-designed lighting that showcases your home as its best self.


Ready to give your home’s exteriors the lighting makeover they need? Call Electronics Professionals or fill out an online contact form to schedule a consultation with our team. We hope to hear from you soon!


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