Explore 7 Gorgeous Landscape Lighting Design Techniques


Show off your property with beautifully designed outdoor lighting setups

It’s time to transform the exterior of your home from ordinary to extraordinary. Well-designed landscape lighting is an art form that uses multiple techniques to enhance your home’s curb appeal, create a more inviting environment, and produce a visual scene that will awe and inspire neighbors, family and friends. 

Wondering what you can do with outdoor lighting? Keep reading to learn seven design techniques that add ambiance and beauty to your Lafayette, LA, property.


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1. Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting is a great way to illuminate driveways, stairs, and other walkways around your house for better safety while you or guests are walking through the property at night. Path fixtures are also an amazing way to highlight architectural features by giving shape to a winding stone pathway, a horseshoe driveway, or a unique wooden plank bridge in the backyard.


2. Up-Lighting

Up-lighting is a technique that uses a focused beam of light to highlight a specific feature or object. Fixtures installed at ground level cast a vivid and dramatic flair of light on tall trees, columns, or other structures rising from the ground. Up-lighting is best used to draw the eye to statement pieces on your property.


3. Silhouetting

Silhouetting is a design technique used to accentuate plants, shrubs, sculptures, or other objects with interesting or unique shapes. In this setup, a lighting fixture is placed behind the object and casts a shadow of the object onto an adjacent wall — the side of your house or fence works best for this type of lighting. We recommend using plants and trees with well-defined structures for dramatic effect.   


4. Grazing

Grazing captures the beauty of textured objects like stone walls and ledges, intricate pillars, brickwork, tree trunks, or architectural features on your house. A light fixture is placed right next to the featured object, with a beam of light cast parallel (either up-lit or downlit) to it. Grazing creates a beautiful interplay between soft light and deep shadows on textured surfaces. 


5. Moonlighting

Moonlighting seeks to recreate the effect moonlight has on your property. In this setup, several lighting fixtures are placed high in tree branches and aimed downward. The shadows of branches and leaves spread along your yard and patio just as they would on a clear, moonlit night.  


6. Washing

Washing is used to bathe a large area — like the side of the house, a row of shrubs, or a flowerbed — in soft illumination. Lighting fixtures emit an evenly distributed level of low lighting to the entire area.


7. Mirror Lighting

Mirror lighting is a beautiful design technique if you have a pool, fountain or pond in your yard. In this setup, lighting fixtures are positioned strategically around bodies of water to reflect nearby plants, trees, sculptures, and other objects on the surface of the water. Mirror lighting brings a dreamlike, romantic beauty to your property.


Are you ready to put these beautiful landscape lighting techniques into action? Trust the professionals to ensure the design, lighting fixture placement, and installation achieves the desired effect around your Lafayette, LA, home. Call us today or fill out a contact form online to set up a consultation with our lighting experts.

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