Live a Day in the Life With Smart LED Lighting Fixtures


Simplify your daily routines with lighting control that responds to one-touch commands

Lighting is one of the most-used components in your Lafayette, LA home. Instead of wasting time flipping countless switches during the day, invest in LED lighting fixtures and a lighting control system from Lutron for smarter, more convenient control. 

A smart lighting system offers you personalized control over your home’s lights  whether that’s making lighting scenes that activate automatically or adjusting and dimming lights during the day using your smartphone app or voice control. If you’re interested in seeing how smart lighting can enhance your lifestyle, read our blog to imagine a day in the life!

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Rise and Shine

Your lighting is set on a daily schedule to make sure you get up and moving on time. When the alarm goes off at 6 a.m., the bedside table lamp turns on to a dim glow, and you spend the first moments of the day slowly awakening with a book as the lamp gradually brightens. At 6:30 a.m., the bedroom overhead light and bathroom light pop on, your signal that it’s time to get up and prepare for the day. 

After your shower, you walk through the house and ask Alexa to turn on the kitchen light. The sun is rising to a beautiful day, so you throw open the kitchen shades with just the tap of a button and ask Alexa to set the overhead light at 50%, taking advantage of the natural sunlight streaming through the window

Leave for Work

You head out the door in a rush, and you’re across town before you wonder if you accidentally left any lights on at home. You grab your smartphone and click over to the smart home app. All the lights are off but one  the closet light, from when you were choosing an outfit for the day. You tap your phone to turn off the light remotely, then get back to the busy day of work ahead of you. 

Come Home

You slip into your car at the end of the day and tap the coming home lighting scene on your smartphone. When you pull into the driveway, the outdoor lights shining above the garage are a beacon guiding you safely in. The garage lights flick on as you pull the car in  they’re activated by an occupancy sensor and will turn off by themselves once you go inside. 

The front hall light and your bedroom lights are on so that you can set your things down and change into comfortable clothing before dinner. 

Time for Bed

And another day comes to a close. You press the goodnight lighting scene on your smartphone, and all the lights in the house turn off. The tableside lamp next to your bed remains on and gradually dims into darkness over the next 20 minutes as you read a few pages of your book and prepare for sleep. 

Ready to make this imaginary day a reality? Electronics Professionals is prepared to handle all your smarthome lighting needs in Lafayette, LA. Call us, fill out an onlineform, or start a live chat below to get started! 

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