How Can Smart Home Control Benefit You?


The popularity of smart home control is on the rise. You’ve probably heard about products like smart security systems and motorized shades individually, and these features can have a huge impact on the lives of homeowners and the value of a home. However, when all the technologies work together systematically, each product’s efficiency, ease-of-use, and convenience is multiplied. If you’re a builder, designer or homeowner in the River Ranch neighborhood of Lafayette, LA, it’s time to discover the power of smart home automation. Read on to discover what a smart home means and the most popular features of the technology

What is a Smart Home?

When a home is truly smart, the technologies work together on one control platform. The effect is that devices will intuitively adapt and change together to enhance the homeowner’s lifestyle. This can mean shades that go down automatically when the sunlight is likely to cause glare and lights that simultaneously turn on to offset the decrease in natural light. It can mean a security system that utilizes the home’s audio to deter unwanted guests by saying “Stay Out” when an alarm is triggered. This intelligent cooperation among separate devices is accomplished through an integration system. Some of the best-known brands are Control4 and Crestron.

The control system is one of our favorite features of home automation. When all of your devices lie under one system, you don’t need twenty remotes to start the television. You can use one remote, your smartphone, or a tablet to turn on the TV, adjust the volume, turn down the lights and stop the music from playing in the next room. Also, since mobile devices can make the adjustments, you can be away from home and keep an eye on your technologies. Let’s say a light was left on in the morning—simply use your phone to turn it off from the office. You can’t beat the convenience of universal control.

What Can You Control?

Now, you may be asking: what can I control? There are countless options and ways to mix and match technologies to fit your home and lifestyle. Plus, new smart devices are constantly being introduced, everything from mattresses to ovens. Below, we have listed several of the most popular solutions:

  • Lighting Control: Automated lighting means easy control of all of your lights. In addition, you can create schedules to match your needs, which allows you to save on your electric bill without the worry about whether you left on a light or not. Lutron is one of the most popular brands.
  • Motorized Shades: The luxury feel of motorized shades is a benefit only outdone by their energy efficiency. Utilize your beautiful shades to cut cooling costs by reducing solar heat gain.
  • Smart Home Surveillance: Incorporating smart security cameras, smart locks and other safety-oriented devices provides you peace of mind while making your home easier to use. Using your smartphone, you can keep tabs on your home via a live video feed or unlock the door from your car, cutting out the hassle of keys.
  • Whole Home Audio: Whether you’re having a dinner party or a quiet evening at home, music makes it all better. Speakers throughout your home will play your favorite music from the source of your choice from vinyl to the latest streaming service.
  • Home Theaters: Stay in with your family in style. A dedicated home theater brings you the cinema feel and doesn’t require that you change out of your pajamas.
  • Outdoor Entertainment: Bring the fun of audio and video to your backyard or patio. Weatherproof solutions, from televisions to speakers, mean you and your family can enjoy your favorite entertainment options in the fresh air.

If you build, design, or own a home in the Lafayette area, contact us today. We can help take your spaces to the next level with smart home control. 

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