2 Ways LED Lighting Fixtures Can Help While You’re Stuck at Home


This smart home technology can help you and your family cope during the long weeks and months ahead

We’re all coming to grips with the impact the COVID-19 outbreak is having on our daily lives. Many businesses are shut down, schools are closed, and we’re all being encouraged to stay in our homes. It’s an unpleasant set of circumstances, to be sure, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make this period of social distancing more bearable.

Believe it or not, your light fixtures can help you and your family better weather this outbreak. If you’re not getting outside, you won’t get the benefits that come with exposure to natural light. LED lighting fixtures are one way to alleviate this issue, and today we’ll show you two reasons why you should consider adding this smart technology to your Lafayette, LA home.

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During a lockdown, it’s difficult to get the ideal amount of sunlight during the day. You might have work to do, and you may need to help your children with online courses. If you have elderly family members or are living with someone who has mobility issues, it becomes even harder for them to get outside.

LED lighting fixtures counteract these issues by recreating natural light anywhere in your home. Tunable white lighting fixtures perfectly mimic sunlight, which helps you keep your energy levels high.

Furthermore, LED lights can automatically change color throughout the day, just like sunlight. You’ll get soft, yellow hues in the morning as you’re starting your day, helping you wake more naturally. Around midday, the color will shift to a brighter, cooler tone to help you remain focused and productive. There will be another shift in the evening as your fixtures dim to take on a red and orange tint, which helps you drift soundly to sleep. Even if you don’t set foot outside all day, it will feel like you’ve gotten a full day’s worth of sunlight.


LED lighting fixtures combined with lighting control are also easier to use than moving from room to room, flipping switches by hand. Every fixture can be controlled by your phone, tablet, a wall panel, or a remote. You can also see the status of every fixture from any control device, making it easy to see if you’ve turned them all off before going to bed. If any fixture is still on, just press “Off” on your phone.

With LED lighting, your options for color and intensity are much more varied as well. Create presets for specific moods, occasions or events. If you’re looking to relax after spending all day at your desk, maybe you want to tune your lights to deep purples or dark blues. If you’re settling in with your family to watch a movie, press a button and watch as every fixture dims in mere moments. For even more convenience, integrate your lights with motorized shades to control both systems at once and never have to get up from your couch.


We understand why you might be hesitant to spend money on LED lighting in this time of uncertainty, but we’re confident this technology will make long periods of social distancing more bearable. To find out more, call us at (337) 268-9753 or visit our contact page.  

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