Secure Your Home With a Smart Access Control System


Proactively safeguard your home by taking complete control over who has access to your property

How can you protect your home if you don’t know who has access to it? Until recently, you had no way of knowing who was at the door and what they wanted when the doorbell rang. If you made a spare key to give to a housekeeper or neighbor, you had no clue who else could get ahold of that key and enter your home.

But the rise of smart technology has led to the development of smart security devices that can help you control and track who has access to your house and property. If you’re ready to upgrade the security system in your Lafayette, LA, home, keep reading to learn how you can use home access control to increase the safety of yourself and your family.


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Keep a Closer Eye on the Kids

Smart locks give you peace of mind knowing that your kids are home safely when they’re supposed to be. You can customize your system to receive an automatic alert when someone locks or unlocks the door. Additionally, smart keyless locks will ease the fear of your children losing their keys or giving them to the wrong person. Instead, your kids can let themselves into the house with a dedicated keycode or biometric scan. And if they manage to get locked out, you can access your home system on your smartphone to remotely unlock the door.    


Manage Home Access for Visitors and Guests

Smart access control devices help you monitor who outside your family has access to your property, whether you’re at home or away. A smart doorbell with a camera and two-way intercom allows you to see who’s at the door and communicate with delivery people or strangers before you answer. Even if you’re not at home, you’ll receive an alert when someone rings the doorbell, and you can watch the live-stream camera right on your smartphone. You can even talk to whoever is at the door through your two-way intercom.

Another access control device that helps manage guests and visitors is a smart door lock. You can assign nannies, housekeepers, dog walkers, neighbors and relatives special keycodes to use at your door. You don’t have to print (and risk losing) spare keys, and you can deactivate keycode access at any time. You’ll receive an alert on your smartphone when someone uses a code to get inside your house, so you can keep an eye on when and how long visitors are inside.


Protect Sensitive or Dangerous Areas

Your doors aren’t the only places you can use home access control. Use smart devices to protect sensitive or potentially dangerous areas like liquor cabinets, gun cabinets and safes from children, pets and guests. Secure cabinet and door openings with smart locks that require a unique keycode or biometric scan to open. Install motion sensors and a video camera that activates when someone enters a set range around sensitive areas. With smart devices, you’ll receive an alert when someone trips the motion sensors, and you can access and watch live video footage wherever you are.  


Are you ready to make your home a safer place? Electronics Professionals is a premier integration company in Lafayette, LA. To discuss your home security needs, call us at 337-268-9753. You can also fill out an online contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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