How to Protect Your Smart Alarm System From Hackers


Your Wi-Fi-enabled smart alarm may be vulnerable to hackers if you don’t take the proper safety precautions

Like many homeowners in Lafayette, LA, you probably bought a smart alarm because it offers more proactive protection than traditional alarms, and you have access to your security system even when you’re away from home. However, you may be overlooking one aspect of your home security: protecting your smart alarm device from hackers. Any Wi-Fi-enabled smart device is vulnerable to being hacked by people trying to access your private information.

It’s incredibly scary to imagine your smart alarm being hacked — if someone gains access to your alarm, they could disable it and decide to burglarize your home. Without an active alarm, you may have difficulty preventing a break-in or identifying the thief.

Before your smart alarm system can do its job protecting your home, you need to take a few steps to ensure the alarm itself is safe and protected from hackers. Keep reading to learn a few of our expert tips.


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Set Up a Secure Home Network

Set up a secure, password-protected home network. If hackers access your smart alarm, they may use it to break into your home network and steal personal information. And vice versa, if an intruder gains control of your home network, they may be able to break into your smart alarm and disarm your home security measures, leaving you vulnerable to burglary. A unique, difficult-to-crack password (NOT the one that comes with the router) can prevent hackers from accessing your home network and connected devices.

Consider hiring Electronics Professionals to upgrade your network installation. We’ll install a reliable, high-speed network infrastructure that supports all your connected devices. Additionally, we’ll secure it with firewalls, password and data encryption, and other security measures to create a digital fortress around your private information and smart devices.


Set a Password for Your Smart Alarm

Besides securing your home network, protect your connected smart alarm with a different unique, complicated password. Although it may be tempting to use the same memorable password for both your Wi-Fi and connected devices, creating new passwords makes it difficult for hackers to access your devices and prevents them from breaking into all your devices at once.

Many smart devices also allow you to set two-factor authentication to make your security measures even harder to crack, which means that you will receive a code via text or email that you will use to access your device after putting in the password.


Install Firmware Updates

The company that made your alarm regularly tests the product and sends you software updates to patch any security vulnerabilities. Make sure you’re regularly updating your device with the newest firmware. If you don’t, hackers can break into your device through the unresolved security vulnerabilities.


Call Electronics Professionals

At Electronics Professionals, our experienced techs will help you set up a secure and protected smart alarm system and home network in your Lafayette, LA, home. We also provide monitoring and tech support services to ensure your network and connected devices are up-to-date and functioning correctly.


Give us a call at 337-268-9753, fill out an online contact form or connect with a representative via the live chat box on your screen.

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