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Electronics Professionals works with architects and builders to incorporate smart and sophisticated Lutron lighting into new homes

More often than not, today’s tech-savvy homeowners want smart technology systems built into their new homes, retrofits or renovations. Smart lighting is a popular choice because we use our lights daily, and intelligent, dimmable lighting fixtures are simple to operate and adjust to comfortable levels.

If you’re a home builder, architect or interior designer in Lafayette, LA, being able to offer a smart lighting installation alongside your other services can be a significant boon for your business. At Electronics Professionals, we would love to partner with you to install Lutron lighting systems in new builds or renovations. Keep reading to learn what you’ll gain from a partnership.


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Thoughtful lighting design showcases the interior design and architectural features of a new home build or renovation. A custom home may require several types of lighting for ambient, task and accent purposes, including:

  • Hanging pendants
  • Recessed lighting
  • Track lighting
  • Undercabinet lighting
  • Strip lighting
  • Up-lighting/downlighting

A smart lighting designer is an invaluable resource for drawing up a comprehensive, whole-home design and sourcing fixtures like lamps, chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, and wall-mounted sconces.    


Wiring and Installation

One feature that makes smart lighting so popular with homeowners is the ease of installation: smart bulbs and switches can replace non-smart components in an already-wired home, and wireless elements can be added during retrofits or renovations. However, if you’re in the process of building a new home or laying cable for other purposes, we recommend prewiring a smart lighting system.

A hard-wired system is more reliable and delivers a consistent performance — an important feature when we’re discussing light fixtures that are used daily to complete tasks at home. Additionally, prewiring for a centralized lighting system can eliminate the need for multiple panels or switches cluttering up the walls and give way to sleek, custom keypads or touchscreens. This, along with concealed, in-wall wiring, allows for a cleaner aesthetic finish.  


Why Lutron Lighting?

At Electronics Professionals, we recommend Lutron lighting for home lighting control. Lutron has long been the leading manufacturer of smart lighting systems, with solutions ranging from single-room to whole-home. They offer an impressive array of dimmers, sensors, wall-mounted keypads, remotes and smartphone apps that make lighting control effortless. Lutron also has preset scenes and scheduling features that allow homeowners to adjust lighting levels and ambience with the touch of a button.

Additionally, Lutron Ketra is a human-centric lighting solution that automatically adjusts the hue, color temperature, intensity and brightness of lighting to mimic natural sunlight throughout the day. Human-centric lighting can promote energy and alertness during the day, more restful sleep at night, and circadian balance. Offering Lutron Ketra to your clients can set your business apart from competitors in the field.   


Let’s work together to provide Lafayette, LA, homeowners with the smart Lutron lighting systems that will make their lives more comfortable and luxurious. If you’re interested in learning more about our services or partnering with us on your next custom home, call or fill out a contact form to get in touch. 

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