How Outdoor Motorized Shades Can Enhance Your Patio


This summer, enjoy your time of relaxation and festivities with friends in your backyard. While you’re hosting a tailgate or watching a movie on your patio, you might be dealing with the sun’s intense rays and annoying bugs at inopportune moments. That’s where outdoor motorized shades step in and create the ultimate outdoor living for your Lafayette, Lousiana property.

Insolroll has teamed up with Lutron to bring you Oasis Patio Shades, perfect for your porch or patio that gets hit with harsh lighting and heat. The sun should only elevate your summer fun and plans, not ruin them. Keep reading below to find out more about the many benefits this solution can bring to your home's outdoor living spaces!


The Lutron Drive

Outdoor motorized shades can keep your summer day running smoothly. Keep pesky bugs away and shield your eyes from the sun with a press of a button. You can make your outdoor areas more enjoyable and bearable during any time of the season with this integrated solution.

But what makes Insolroll’s Oasis outdoor motorized shades stand apart from the rest? By combining Insolroll’s established patio shades with Lutron’s motor or “drive,” you can integrate your shades with an existing Lutron control system. You won’t have to use different control panels or worry about putting in another automation system; it’s all in one system – no re-wiring involved.

Lutron’s Homeworks QS system lets you manage your lighting, shades, AV solutions, HVAC, and security features all under one centralized system. By setting a “relax” or “hangout” scene, you can press the preset button and have the patio lights dim, the pool bar lighting raise up, melodies play over your outdoor speakers, and your shades lower to keep the sun’s harsh lighting from throwing it all off.

Different Shades Available

Oasis 2800 Sun Shades: these shades include an extruded aluminum head box that keeps your fabric protected when it’s rolled up. Also, pick whether you want a cable guide or a track system to provide sway control. The shades can work with a variety of patio designs, from featured stucco, columns, and brick, to wood or metal workings.

The fabric edges are welded so you won’t deal with fraying. A teardrop-shaped hem bar makes sure the shades always appear taut. Choose between fabric material that has solar screens with 1 to 10% openness, or translucent and waterproof options. Solar fabric prevents glare, UV rays, and intense heat from the sun, but still lets you see through them—giving you all the view with none of the hassles.

On the other hand, translucent fabrics let the light shine in but offer no view – elevating your privacy and security from the weather and outdoor elements.

Oasis 2900 Retractable Insect Screens: Insolroll’s zipper-track insect screen shades deliver all the best of the 2800 shading system, with an added four-sided seal that keeps bugs out and away. Zip-captured shade sides feed into the tracks that always keep your shades looking taut and tidy. A brush closure seals the top, while the bottom rail has a flexible gasket strip that still makes a seal on uneven surfaces.

Insect screens don’t just provide protection from bugs – they still keep the sun and UV rays at bay. They also come in the same fabrics, such as solar screen, translucent, and waterproof. Allow view-through or don’t – it’s all up to you.

Make your patio or porch a more comfortable and accommodating area of your home. Outdoor motorized shades from Insolroll’s Oasis patio shades, powered by Lutron, can do just that for you. Want to learn more? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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