3 Key Features of a High-Quality Media Room Design


Your clients likely have a vision when they come to you for a media room. In their mind’s eye, they are seeing a happy family enjoying a new movie, or entertaining friends on the day of a big game. But that vision likely doesn’t consider a few key features that will be essential in enjoying their media room to the fullest. Of course, that’s where a partnership between your team and ours is key.

The ideal features and technologies for a media room design are practical, easy-to-use, and deliver a first-class experience right at home. We partner with architects and interior designers across Louisiana, to provide home automation solutions from Lafayette to Broussard.

Read on to learn more about crafting the perfect media room, and the fundamental features to make it stand out.

Top-Notch Screen & Projector

The screen is the center focus of a media room. So, a high-quality screen is crucial to provide your clients with the ultimate viewing experience. A 4K Ultra HD resolution flat screen is the optimum solution. Your clients will be amazed at the level of clarity and detail they never saw in their favorite movies.

Even if they choose a projector and screen combination, the 4K options still create a flawless image. The projector and screen can be hidden in the ceiling and lowered down when the homeowner is ready to watch a show or a game. The equipment stays out of sight when not in use, so it doesn’t disrupt any style choices or décor you might add to the space.

Automated Shades

When watching a movie, TV show, or big game, there’s nothing worse than a huge glare hitting the screen. Now you can help your homeowners avoid that situation altogether. Even with expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, a push of a button can lower motorized shades over them and block out the glare-inducing natural light in the media room.

The client can choose to control their shades with their smartphones, tablets, or remotes.  And in order to fit any theme you might choose for a room, the shades come in a variety of patterns and fabrics.

Dual shading also allows a “blackout” shade to be paired with sheer, colorful ones, letting homeowners utilize both when they see fit – and giving you the freedom to customize the space without the shades limiting your designs.

Strategic Speakers

Audio quality is key to a completely immersive atmosphere. Your client will need high-end speakers to complete a well-rounded media room.

Traditional standing speakers are large and more theatrical-looking, and they give amazing, clear sound. On the other hand, hidden speakers, like small cabinet and in-wall models, blend in seamlessly with the design of a room.  These smaller ones can also be placed around a room to create a surround sound system.

The wide variety of options allows for powerful sound and unique design to combine in a beautiful fashion.

You and your clients will never have to compromise style for practicality in your media room designs.  Home automation can work to make any space in a home perform well and look stunning!

Want to learn more?  Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.  We’d love to hear from you!

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