3 Benefits of Top-Notch Lighting Control


Imagine being able to balance your Lafayette home’s lighting with a press of a button.  With a quality lighting control solution, this can be your reality! Automated lights, drapes, and shades can create the perfect atmosphere in your house with an easy-to-use system and beneficial features.

In this blog, we go through three of the advantages of lighting control and why it would make the perfect addition to your living space today. Read on below for more!



Spotlights on Your Interiors

A superb way to highlight your existing décor is to shine a spotlight on it.  With lighting control, this is easily done.

Now you can showcase a piece of art, antique furniture, or any other precious item on display, so it catches the eye as soon you walk through the door and into a room.

You can turn on and adjust the spotlight for emphasis, and dim the other lights in the room – enhancing your desired item of choice.

Set “scenes” in your lighting system, so you don’t even have to worry about changing up which items you’ll highlight – your automated lights can switch for you.

Protecting Your Valuables

Those same pieces you want to highlight and put a spotlight on, are more than likely also susceptible to sun damage from its powerful rays.  This is where installing motorized shades and drapes into your system comes in handy!

Photo sensors can detect when the sun is directly shining in through your windows much too intensely – and they will then alert your shades or drapes to close immediately.  This protects your valuables and interiors from the harsh light.

Once this happens, your sensors can also know to brighten the lights in your home so that once the shades are down, your interior lighting is back to being balanced.

Control from One Centralized Source

Your lighting system might be brilliant, but that doesn’t mean managing it has to be a complex situation.

With one single smart device, you can control your entire system and all its features.  Simply push a button on your own smartphone, tablet, remote, or wall panel – and watch your commands happen before your eyes.

All the control will be in your hands.  And with such a small device, you’ll notice your way of operating your technology is streamlined and less cluttered.

Want to learn more about a lighting control for your home?  We can bring this smart technology right to your River Ranch living space.

Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you!

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