What’s the Big Deal with Motorized Window Treatments?


You may have heard of motorized window treatments but aren’t quite sure what all the fuss is about. You may be wondering: What is the big difference between motorized and manual shades, and why should they be the next investment in your Lafayette, LA home?

This blog will detail why motorized window treatments are a great addition to any Lafayette-area home looking to add to or improve their smart home. Read on to discover how motorized window treatments can save you money on your utility bill, make your home more luxurious, and why they’re the obvious choice over traditional manual shades in your home.

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Motorized window treatments are great for homeowners with an existing smart home control system installed by our Electronics Professionals team or for homeowners new to the concept of smart home control. By adding motorized shades, you can make your home more energy efficient and protect your family, furniture, and art inside your property.

Energy Efficient

Is your largest window facing west and looking towards the hot evening sunset? You can program motorized window treatments to adjust automatically to respond to the sunrise or sunset or any other particular time of day. Your manual window shades won’t raise and lower to protect your family from harmful UV light or save you money on your utility bill unless you’re physically available to lower the shades yourself.

Many motorized window treatments from leading brands such as Insolroll or Lutron can be controlled with sun sensors, too; this means that if a natural light level fluctuation occurs, your motorized shades will adjust automatically to keep you and your family comfortable while also saving you money on your utility bill. You can even go a step further by integrating a smart thermostat with your home automation system to work in tandem with your motorized window treatments. Cost savings all around!

You can also extend your interior design scheme to apply to all of the windows in your home, not only the windows you can physically reach. Operating manual shades on tall windows is nearly impossible unless you want to grab a ladder or step stool; with motorized window treatments you can adjust the window treatments in all of the high and lofty windows within your home.

Visually Appealing

For large or small windows, blackout curtains or sheers, or if you have a preference for drapes over shades, motorized window treatments provide you with a variety of options to best suit your home’s design and your unique personal style.

Several fabric and color options are available to complement your décor and express yourself in both manual and motorized window treatments, but motorized treatments are much more aesthetically pleasing because there’s no pesky adjustment string or rod. How many times have you tried to lower or raise the blinds but that pesky cord or adjustment rod just wasn’t working properly? Up, down, left, right – manual shades can prove frustrating at times! With motorized window treatments, there’s not even a need for nearby electrical outlets because they run on built-in rechargeable batteries which can last over 500 cycles.

Saves You Time

There’s no need to walk around the living room to close the drapes in the evening or before your next big movie night because with a push of a button on your smart device of choice you can easily adjust the window treatments throughout your entire home. You can sit in comfort while you adjust the window treatments on the spot instead of recruiting the entire family for the job.

Want to learn more about how Electronics Professionals can assist you in installing motorized window treatments and other smart home solutions in your own Lafayette-area home? Call us today at (337) 268-9753 or contact us online.

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