3 Primary Benefits of an Integrated Smart Alarm System


Access and control all your home security devices in one convenient location

Your smart alarm system already provides immense value to your Lafayette, LA, home by alerting you to suspicious or abnormal events inside your house while you’re away. But you can promote more proactive home security by integrating your alarm system with the rest of your smart home  surveillance, door locks, lighting, audio, climate, and more. 

An integrated security system allows you faster and more convenient control over all the devices safeguarding your home. Keep reading to learn three primary benefits of an integrated home alarm system. 

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1. Faster Response Times

With an integrated system, you can access, monitor, and manage all your smart alarms, sensors, door locks, surveillance cameras, and other smart devices in one place. When an abnormal event occurs  like an outdoor camera detecting motion in the backyard or a door sensor detecting an open door  you’ll immediately receive a notification to your smartphone. 

From there, you can quickly respond to the threat by pulling up your entire home security system on a smartphone app or touchscreen tablet. Within seconds, you’ll be viewing information about where an abnormal event was detected and watching live-stream video footage. No more wasting precious time scrambling for multiple apps or logins to check on all your security devices  integrated security allows you to review an event and call the authorities much faster than you would be able to otherwise. 

2. Proactive Crime Deterrence

By itself, an alarm sounding an alert may not be enough to deter an intruder intent on breaking into your home. But what if an alarm blares a warning, surveillance cameras whir into action and lights flare into brightness the instant someone crosses the motion-sensor range on your property or inside your house? Integrated security allows all these actions to occur simultaneously  and the loud, overwhelming result may be more than enough to send a would-be burglar running scared. 

3Advanced Out-of-Town Security

It’s always nerve-wracking to leave your home unattended for a few days or weeks while you’re out of town. But with integrated security, you can create unique “Away” scenes that make it seem like you’re at home. Schedule lights, motorized shades, and even audio/video to activate throughout the day to give the appearance of occupancy and deter potential intruders. 

Remote access can also give you peace of mind while you’re away from home. Use your smartphone to check on your alarms, view camera footage, and make sure all the doors are locked any time of day or night. 

Whether you’re looking for a smart alarm system, home surveillance, access control, or an integrated system, Electronics Professionals is here to help with all your smart security devices in Lafayette, LA. Let’s schedule a time to discuss your home security needs  call us, fill out a contact form, or start a live chat with a representative to get started. We look forward to working with you!

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