Why Your Lafayette Home Needs Smart Climate Control


Few places are more hot and humid than Louisiana in the summertime. Blasting the air conditioner can break your budget, but the alternative is being miserable from the heat. Fortunately, there’s a way to save money and time during the Louisiana summer. Smart thermostats can help you monitor your home's temperature and keep you fresh without breaking the bank. Learn why you need smart climate control in your Lafayette, LA home.

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Save Time and Effort

The primary benefit of smart climate control is that it makes your life easier. You will not have to continually get up to adjust the temperature as the weather changes; the thermostat will do it for you. You won't have to open and close the blinds as the sun rises. You won’t have to turn off the air conditioner as you leave for work. All of this and more is done for you.

Made to Adapt

Smart climate control can learn from your temperature schedules and settings. You can set schedules so that you do not waste air conditioning during the day, but your home is cold by the time you get home. Put your thermostat on power-saving mode while you are at work so that you don't waste money. The smart thermostat can also monitor the temperature outside so that it knows what you will need. If it is warm out, it will turn on the air conditioner. If it is cold, it will turn on the heater.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Smart thermostats save energy by only using climate control when you need it. For example, if it senses that your home is too hot, but your blinds are open, it will close the blinds to block out sunlight instead of turning on the air conditioner. If the room is too chilly, it can open the blinds to let the sunshine in. It can even sense when it is cold outside and, if so, use shades to insulate you from the outside air to lower the temperature of the room.


Smart thermostats use zoning to optimize climate control for each room of your home. Set different temperatures in every room so everyone in your family is happy. Keep the kitchen cool when you cook while also warming up the family room while the kids watch television. Everyone can have it their way with a smart thermostat.

Are you interested in investing in a smart climate control solution for your Lafayette, LA home? Electronics Professionals is a trusted local home automation integrator. To get started on your project, call us at (337) 268-9753 or visit our contact page.

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