Why You Need To Upgrade To A Smart Home Alarm System


Are you confident in your home’s security system? When was the last time you upgraded it? An out of date model can put you at risk. Don’t settle for grainy footage that’s impossible to decipher or surveillance systems that are easy to tamper with locally. You’ll want to upgrade to a smart home alarm system that offers proactive security for your Lafayette, LA home.

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Higher Picture Quality

Smart home alarm systems integrate high-performance HD cameras, which make it easier to identify perpetrators and see what is happening. You can also easily store your files digitally by automatically backing them up to the cloud.


Monitor your home from the comfort of your armchair or on vacation a thousand miles away. You don’t need to be at home to view security footage. Smart security systems are always active, so you will never have to worry about whether you set the alarm or not as you left for work. With smart locks, you can even lock your door from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Storage

The purpose of a security system is defeated if you lose your security footage. Smart security systems make sure that your footage remains safe no matter what happens. The footage is stored not only on your device but also immediately uploaded to the cloud so that if your cameras were to be destroyed either intentionally or in a fire, the footage would still be available to the police and your insurer.

Proactive Security

When your smart security system detects unusual activity, it will send you an alert as well as video surveillance footage of the incident. It is smart enough to understand events that warrant your attention, so it will not blow up your phone with notifications. You can even customize alerts for things such as your home's door being opened while you are at work.

Home Automation

You can connect a smart security system to a home automation system to control all aspects of your home from one device. Smart lighting, motorized shades, and more can make your life more convenient. Invest in a unified smart home system to protect your home.

Are you interested in upgrading to a smart home alarm system? Trust a professional to install it, so you know that it will work correctly.

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