What You Need to Look for When Choosing Outdoor Speakers


Outdoor audio systems have different requirements than indoor systems — here are a few considerations to keep in mind

As the weather warms up in Lafayette, LA, you’re ready to listen to music outside while you relax by the pool or spend time exercising in your backyard. Maybe you drag a few Bluetooth speakers or one of your wireless living room speakers outside so you can listen to Pandora and the result is…unsatisfying.

High-quality backyard speakers are designed to be outside year-round. They must meet special requirements to produce clear, even sound in outdoor spaces, and they must be durable enough to weather environmental conditions without breaking down. Keep the following 3 factors in mind when you’re ready to set up an outdoor audio system.


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1. Construction Material

Outdoor speakers are much hardier than your average indoor speakers because they’re built to withstand environmental elements like rain, wind, dirt, dust, chemicals, lightning, extreme temperatures and humidity.

Quality outdoor speaker frames are made from weather-resistant materials like stainless steel, brass and aluminum that won’t rust or corrode over time or in wet conditions. The speaker diaphragm — which helps create sound waves — should be made from a sturdy plastic like Mylar that isn’t vulnerable to damage from moisture and humidity. Finally, speaker casings protecting the internal components should be made of durable plastic materials that hold up to rough handling and environmental conditions.


2. Volume and Bass Levels

Indoor speakers are ineffective for outside use because the acoustic setting is entirely different. Indoor speakers use the acoustics in enclosed spaces — which are enhanced by reflective surfaces like walls and floors — to produce even, high-quality sound. In contrast, outside speakers need to create sound for large, open spaces while accounting for natural noise interference from nearby traffic, wind and wildlife.

To achieve high-quality sound outside, outdoor speakers are robust, powerful and produce higher volumes with less interference. For example, speaker selections from Coastal Source are made with large drivers that boost sound to cover large areas and overpower natural noise interference. The larger drivers guarantee higher performance, efficiency, and sound fidelity in outdoor spaces. Another fantastic option for powerful sound is weatherproofed in-ground subwoofers that create deep bass. 


3. System Aesthetics

You won’t have to disturb the natural beauty of your backyard space to get high-quality sound. Today, several brands of outdoor speakers are designed to blend in seamlessly with your existing foliage. Coastal Source’s speakers can be camouflaged to disappear amongst plants and trees or match the shape and design of landscape lighting fixtures. Coastal Source also offers outdoor speakers cleverly built to look like rocks, complete with a natural stone texture and finish.  


Let Electronics Professionals Help You Install Your Backyard Speakers

Not sure how to get started? Consider hiring a professional integration company like Electronics Professionals to install your outdoor speaker system. We can help you design a system that fits your space and install speakers, additional wiring, Wi-Fi extenders and all other system components. We can also integrate your outdoor speakers with outdoor video, landscape lighting, outdoor shades and indoor home automation platforms for a truly connected home.


Summer will be here before you know it, so let’s get started designing and installing your outdoor audio system so that you have plenty of time to enjoy it this year. Call us today at 337-268-9753 or fill out an online contact form and we’ll reach out to you. You can also chat with one of our staff members using the live chat feature on your screen.


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