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Should You Add Pre-Installed Smart Security Features to Your Projects?

Find Out How Our Home Security Services Help You Attract Homebuyers

Should You Add Pre-Installed Smart Security Features to Your Projects?

When you’re a homebuilder or a real estate developer, you want to create living spaces you know that homebuyers will fall in love with. After all, you want your properties to attract qualified homebuyers. So, what are potential, new homebuyers looking for these days? It can be hard to keep up with what their dream home looks like.

It turns out that according to the 2018 Coldwell Banker Real Estate Survey, 75% of potential homebuyers want pre-installed smart fire detectors, 66% want smart cameras, and 63% want smart locks already featured at their new homes. Top priorities for buyers are their family’s safety and their home’s security.

So, how can you bring these smart security solutions to your next home-build and ensure that potential buyers find what they’re looking for in your projects? Working with a local home security company such as Electronics Professionals guarantees a well-planned, pre-installed home security system at your Louisiana properties.

But before you start offering home security services as part of your new-construction projects, whether in the Lafayette area or beyond you first need to understand why homeowners are seeking those technologies. Want to learn more about what these smart home security devices include, exactly? Keep reading on below.


Smart Surveillance Cameras

Homeowners want to feel safe and ensure that their family is well taken care of while they’re home and that their valuables are kept safe when they’re gone.

By having pre-installed smart surveillance cameras throughout a property, you’re setting up the owners to feel at ease with what is going on at their home at all times.

Homeowners can pan, zoom in, or tilt their smart cameras to find every last angle of an area – and they will be able to control the cameras and view real-time video footage right on their smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Pre-installed motion detectors also allow the cameras to capture any suspicious activity the moment movement is detected in a certain space, and the cameras will react accordingly. Owners can even set up their smart devices to receive alerts and instant notifications if a new, urgent video is recorded.

Smart Alarm Systems

The list of things that can happen or go wrong in a home while the owners are gone is endless – and that list is no doubt at the forefront of most homebuyers’ minds. So by pre-installing smart safety alarms, such as fire, flooding, or carbon monoxide detectors, you’ll be giving them peace of mind for when they're either at home or have gone on vacation for a day, a week, or a month.

The same way the smart cameras can send notifications to their phones, the smart alarms can do so too. They can know the moment smoke is detected or if the basement has started flooding, and have the proper authorities and help called automatically – or the system can let homeowners decide what next course of action to take themselves.

Smart Locks

For homebuyers with kids or pets, smart locks are an ideal smart security feature. These locks let them keep their home secure at all times, and only those with a code or the smart device to control them can open them.

If a homeowner is still at work, they can see that they’re kids have arrived home from school on the surveillance cameras and can either give their kids the code or unlock the doors through their phone or tablet. They can also keep specific rooms and areas of the home off limits with interior smart locks installed.

When families are going on a trip and are leaving their pets and plants for a neighbor to check in on, smart locks are handy as well. With a code, a neighbor can easily go in and out of the house when needed. Owners can even get an alert sent to their smart device each time the code is used, so they’ll always know when someone is at their property.

Want to learn more about Electronics Professionals’ home security services for your next new home build here in the Lafayette area?

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