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Make the Holidays Memorable with a Home Audio Video Solution

Enjoy Holiday Festivities with Distributed Audio and Video Systems

Make the Holidays Memorable with a Home Audio Video Solution

Bringing the family and friends together during the holidays is a joyous and festive time. But it can also be stressful for you if you’re hosting many guests at your home. How can you keep everyone entertained and feeling comfortable, whether it’s for a week-long visit or an evening dinner party?

Installing a home audio video system in your living space will not only add comfort and luxury to your home this season but will help make planning for the holidays feel like a lighter load.

Read on below to find out the many benefits to this smart solution and how you can utilize them to entertain your family and friends for any holiday event you might host at your home in the Lafayette area this season!


Upgrade to a Multi-Room Video System

By installing unparalleled 4K TVs and loudspeakers throughout your house, you can ensure any room can transform into an entertainment center for your guests.

Multi-room video means connecting these TVs through a centralized control system so that you never need to scramble to find the correct remote or struggle with dangling cords or multiple boxes near each TV. Instead, store all of your cable and media devices in a centralized rack, with expert wiring distributing those signals to each TV in your house.

The result: You can control every TV in your house from the same smart device.

Do the kids want to watch a movie in the living room while the adults watch a game outside? Without needing to use different remotes, you can start the movie on one TV and turn on the game on the other.

Or, if you’d prefer to have multiple TVs playing the same content (such as a favorite Christmas movie) you can effortlessly do so – without the hassle of going throughout your house and manually turning on and changing the channel of every TV.

Stream Holiday Music to Sing Along To

It’s hard for anyone not to start singing along to those famous holiday tunes and songs. So, if you put on a holiday playlist filled with joyful music, you can raise the mood of your whole party.

With multi-room music through speakers placed in gathering areas throughout your home, you can play continuous songs for every guest to enjoy from the moment they walk in to when they are leaving later in the evening.

Choose your favorite holiday music playlist and play it through speakers outside your front door, lifting spirits as guests arrive. Then, as guests enter your home, have the music continue in the foyer and living room so that they are slowly enveloped in the jubilant sounds.

Are things getting too loud or are others struggling to talk over the music? Controlling the volume is easy. Grab your personal smart device and simply press a button on your system’s control application to adjust the volume, change the song, or turn it off completely. Even your guests can use your smart device to make any adjustments with ease.

Maybe you want certain rooms to remain quiet, while others are for a more festive, dance-party style of space? You can shut off the speakers in specific rooms and keep it on others. You always get to decide the atmosphere of your home during the holidays.

Accommodate your guests and keep everyone entertained throughout the entire time they’re at your home.


Make spending time with your loved ones this year the best yet! Want to learn more about our home audio video services here in the Lafayette area?

Feel free to chat live with us below or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!