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Infratech Brings the Heat to Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Stay Warm and Comfortable this Fall

Infratech Brings the Heat to Your Outdoor Living Spaces

With football season well underway and tailgates and bonfire nights to come, you’re bound to spend more and more time outside in the crisp fall evening air. But how can you stay comfortable when you’re outside at night and facing cold temperatures?

That’s where Infratech’s top-of-the-line outdoor heaters can step in. You can bring all the comfort and luxury of your indoor temperatures to the outdoor living spaces at your property in the Lafayette, LA area. Never let the cold temperatures determine if a cookout or get-together happens or not.

Keep reading below to see how Infratech’s top-notch products can elevate your property and keep you warm all season long.




Warmth in Any Temperature

With Infratech heaters, you can host an outdoor dinner party, fire up the grill for a tailgate or even host a movie night under the stars. The dropping temperatures as the night goes on won’t limit your time spent outdoors.

Infratech offers a vast array of heaters that come in various shapes and sizes to fit your space’s needs. You can even create a custom solution to ensure the heaters merge perfectly with your backyard or patio.

Luckily, bringing warmth to your deck or patio won’t also mean cluttering the space with bulky equipment. From the SL-Series slim fixtures to the WD-Series features that give directional and concentrated heat, there are flush, ceiling and wall mounts to accommodate any space without hindering its décor.


Environmentally Friendly Heating System

While traditional gas burners emit hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide through combustion and burning fuel, Infratech’s innovative outdoor heaters are electric – making them a significantly more eco-friendly option.

All Infratech heaters are made from recyclable materials and operate using infrared energy, meaning that they don’t emit any greenhouse gases and don’t require any ventilation. They also operate silently.

In comparison to standard gas heaters that are less than 50 percent efficient, Infratech products convert more than 90 percent of input energy into heat – meaning the amount of money you spend toward the energy costs of heating your outdoor living spaces will never go to waste.


Integration with Your Smart Home Control System

The best part about Infratech heaters is how well they integrate with the rest of your home automation system and its controls. Right from your smart device of choice, whether it’s your smartphone or tablet, you can use the same application to operate your heaters that you do to turn on your lights and A/V systems.

You even can add an in-wall touchscreen panel to your outdoor living space for convenient access to your Infratech heater’s controls. Our team can help install everything – from the heaters themselves to the integrated control interface for your system.


Want to learn more about Infratech heaters and how they can keep the cold at bay this fall and winter at your Lafayette-area home’s outdoor living spaces?

Electronic Professionals is here to help. Chat live with us below or fill out our online contact form to get in touch with us today. Our team would love to hear from you!